News Paper and a question!

Hey everyone Melbery here, First of all here is the News Paper!
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There is the front. Now look at this page.


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Now you are probably wandering why I put the Ask Aunt Artic page. Well this is why. 

Every time I look on this page it doesnt look like a child wrote it. For some odd reason I think when we send in our questions in to ”Aunt Artic” I dont think they really read them. I think that Club Penguin makes up the questions. What do you have to say about this? Im not sure its just my opinion because I dont think kids would put names like the ones they have up above.


Please tell me what you think!

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6 Comments on “News Paper and a question!”

  1. sunammie5 Says:

    Well I half agree with you. Well you see I think they name you bye what your post is related to. Hope it Helped

  2. jtangel27 Says:

    I think you might be right.


  3. Charmy 99 Says:

    yeah I always keep thinking that they make up there own quiestions. I mean come on have you noticed in the newspaper the penguins never have numbers in there name? Like a lot of penguins have numbers in there names. If this is true then this explains so much. I though aunt arctic was so mean becouse I send like over 150 quiestions to her and she never gets my letters. 😆

  4. Iceicle15115 Says:

    I totally agree with you.

  5. Ny Waddler Says:

    umm i think ur right

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