The wizardith layerith

There oncith wasith a Knoble Knightith Named Melberyith and he seeked out on a questith too becomith the best knightith in the ye old landith of clubpenguinith. The kingith would not let him go so he went too go ask dgith the wizardith too reverse the kingiths mind. Dgith agreed and went to go see the kingith. in too wayiths dg went SHAZAM WA BAM! and the kingiths mind was reversed Melberyith would start on his questith tommorow.


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4 Comments on “The wizardith layerith”

  1. Gabiii Says:

    hehe lol.

  2. thaperoncp Says:

    Cool… ith! lol

  3. Charmy 99 Says:

    lol I keep messing up on reading dis :p

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