Mel Studios!

Hey everyone Melbery here, I am now making a Club Penguin Tv series. Mine is called Mel Studios!

I know my videos arent good at allllllllllll!!!!!!!! So please no rude comments. I think my vids are bad because I dont have a good editor or anything I just like making them for fun. So this is Mel Studios first episode featuring Dgff101!

Hope you like it!


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6 Comments on “Mel Studios!”

  1. superloupy8900 Says:

    Awesome video Melbery

  2. sunammie5 Says:

    Lol that was kinda funny when he just kept saying NO! lol

  3. garfield1801 Says:

    funny video!


  4. Vanila4 Says:

    Melbery, would you mind if I kept you as an author of my site? It’s just that I’m the only author that posts, almost none of my authors post, and I deleted a couple already.. I guess it’s ok if you say no.
    Melbery: Its ok it is just you have to understand I will probably not post.

  5. Vanila4 Says:

    Also, that video is funny. Melbery is walking to work. Still walking. Almost there. Hes getting closer. Whew! That was tiring. Lol but why don’t you add sound?
    Melbery: Because most the cd’s I have are copyright music and I have no idea to like do sound effects.

  6. Vanila4 Says:

    One more favor, before I delete you Mel, could you maby make me a header? I have to draw all mine so, yea. But once again, you can say no..

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