New Newspaper

hey guys dg here im too lazy too take a pic of the events so here they are

Medival party may 8-17th (one of my top favorite partys)

Viking opera May 8th through june 11th!!!!!

New Better Igloos catalog May 15-June 18th

Find the collectible pin Until may 7th (i think they mean may 8th)

well thats all the updates and oh on the events on the medival thingy the door opens im probably one of the first ones to notice that lol


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2 Comments on “New Newspaper”

  1. Ryu10 Says:


  2. tomb147 Says:

    Hey I am Tomb147. I wanted to tell you guys that your site is so cool. I wanted to ask you, How do you add HTML codes to your banners? I want to know so my banners can link to my site. Thanks anyways,

    Melbery: I do not know how to explain it.

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