A 2nd contest

ok guys i love making contests so heres another guess my FAVORITES

My favorite game system

My favorite animal

My favorite food

My favorite outdoor activity


1. Only 1 post

thats it also both contests end on monday May 10, 2009 šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰

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17 Comments on “A 2nd contest”

  1. Flibo44 Says:

    Favorite game system? Hmmm. Wii i guess.
    Penguin or dog
    Uhh taco’s
    Foot ball and base ball.

    • windowface Says:

      Its good to guess. one time i guessed and got it right! Waddle on Fibbo44 ~windowface/ heatblast104 ( both my pengs )
      also im having a party!

      Where: my igloo on map!
      when: today
      time: 6:00 pm real time
      why: my penguins 850’th b-day!

      Hope you all can come!

  2. Jellodelemon Says:

    1. Xbox 360
    2.a dog
    3. tacos
    4. baseball

    Sorry,I have no idea what your hobbies are. Those are just guesses.

  3. withyoually Says:


    ~Withyoually (I hope I win)

  4. Ny Waddler Says:


  5. Hibbor Says:

    1.I think Xbox360

    2.Penguin and dog

    3. I think you like all foods

    4. B-ball and foot ball

  6. divotoo Says:

    1. Xbox360
    2. Hamster or gerbil
    3. Chicken
    4. Soccer

  7. sunammie5 Says:

    1. Playstation 3
    2. Rabbit
    3. mac and cheese
    4. basketball

    I did my best šŸ™‚

  8. windowface Says:

    cashew chicken
    and football

  9. Hi im Elizabeth123 I changed my name because I wanted to, So ya! Loup can we be friends when dgff101 party is?? If we could that would be great! But I might not be there because my mom is going to have a new baby! But if I can my CP name is Caroline1161. Ok well cul8ter! ;))

    ~Elizabeth123~ :))

  10. Skyman 22 Says:

    favorite game system:the Xbox 360
    favorite animal:Monkey and a Penguin
    favorite food:Cashew Chicken and Tacos
    favorite outdoor activity:basketball

  11. victorinocp Says:


  12. Da Green Says:

    1.Um,Game Cube
    2.Monkey and a Penguin
    3.Cashew Chicken and Tacos

  13. Da Green Says:

    no i didnt

  14. Skyman 22 Says:

    dude im srry i thot you were melbery so dont count my other one
    favorite game system:Xbox 360
    favorite animal:tiger
    favorite food:Pizza and ice cream
    favorite outdoor activity:football

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