1st contest winners

1st Flibo44 Add me, be on my wordpress, be in my video

2nd Sunammie5 choose 2 out of be on my wordpress add me or be on my video

3rd withyoually choose 1 out of be on my wordpress, add me, or be in my video

Congrats too……




nice try too…..  Jtangel

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4 Comments on “1st contest winners”

  1. withyoually Says:

    I want be an author on your wordpress!!!!!!


  2. sunammie5 Says:

    Ill be in your video and be an author on ur wordpress

  3. Flibo44 Says:

    AWESOME thank you one milloin times. Ok you can add me on the 16th of april at 3penguin standard time server snow forts if full tell me meet me on snow drift. Do i also get to be on you wordpress and video? if a do I accept!

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