Got hacked

Hey everyone Melbery here, I got hacked on xat. I had 67 days 8 powers and 10 xats. Well, now someone hacked me and I have 1 day 1 power and 0 xats. Please please please help contact xat because xat isnt doing one bit about it.


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5 Comments on “Got hacked”

  1. Vanila4 Says:

    Just let me know how to contact xat and I’ll be ready to help! Also, how the heck to you get a chat box? I’ve tried but I don’t get it..


  2. Spykid12 Says:

    I think Xat is not that good.

  3. Da Green Says:

    What…the…****. srry but any chance of who it was. it could be warranty

  4. Charmy 99 Says:


  5. Mystery305 Says:

    THats really bad. Thats why i dont get any xats or days, cause something like that might happen.

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