Field day!

hey guys its dg this morning is field day for me i will pwn at all the events with my athletic abillity (ok maybe i dont have much ability) one problem it might rain 😦 but if it does rain we will do it tommorow if it rains tommorow we arent having it at ALL 😦 but im praying for no rain its not a big chance its like 10 percent


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4 Comments on “Field day!”

  1. Loupy8900 Says:

    Field day for me tomorrow too i think it might rain cause it rains almost everytime i want to do something fun

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  3. Charmy 99 Says:

    Cool! I had feild day and I am the CHAMPION in my school on limbo!

  4. superloupy8900 Says:

    i had field day but i stunk

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