Hey everyone Melbery here, I found this new cheat/glitch. Many of you have probably already have heard of it but check it out!

  1. Put the Ghost Costume on
  2. Put the flashlight on
  3. Click ”D” for dance and you will be glowing like this!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I used Dgff101’s penguin because I didnt feel like putting all my penguins clothes back on. Anyway try this out! Its awesome!


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4 Comments on “Cheat/Glitch”

  1. Splasher99 Says:

    Cool! I found this out too.

  2. Mac Storm Says:

    It’s not a glitch! It’s made to do that!!!


    -Mac Storm
    Melbery: Ok then it is a cheat. I am sorry.

  3. Zapper903 Says:

    hey Mel don’t listen to him =) i still like your blog and i think it’s cool
    P.S awesome blog header! =]


  4. cp crazetv Says:

    cool he mellbery check my site out some time i need a header for this summer just get back at me , btw dont listen to all this haters ur awsome

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