hey guys dg here i wanted too tell everyone why i dont do music videos

1. every disc i try to insert in windows movie maker says its copyright

2. i dont like to take the time to do one since im hooked on Dg TV right now

3. i just dont want too i dont have the right equipment

i hope you guys all understand why i dont make them also dg tv episode 9 should be out by tuesday so stay tuned!

if u guys come too my party tonight u will be viewed and in that episode!

heres the info again if u need it

time: 4pst

where: dgff101s igloo on the map

server: klondike

day: today!

my igloo looks really good no sneek peak though!


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2 Comments on “Reason”

  1. unknownos Says:

    dgff101 can i get an interview aft3r the party hey check out my site some time

  2. sunammie5 Says:

    I might come but i hope you understand if you dont ive been at my cousins graduation party all day and im really tired and kinda sick. I really hope your understand 🙂 🙂

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