Back to Boring old cp

hey guys dg here looks like the medival partys gone 😦 it was fun but i bet we will have another one next year! BUT BUT BUT BUT! right now our site has nothing to do with the medival party anymore and we are moving onto THE SUMMER EXTRVAGANZA! awsome name i know i made it lol this will consist of partys contests and other awsome things! we will have alot of fun but hey they may bring back the lua party because of it looks like trees on rockhoppers ship!


p.s wow thats alot of trees

rockhoppers tree shipHES CLOSER! i wont be making a summer igloo till the summer igloo furniture comes out

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3 Comments on “Back to Boring old cp”

  1. Charmy 99 Says:

    Omg! I think Rockhopper is getting attacked by crazy zoo animals! I think those animals got in when Rockhopper went to disney world Florida! :mrgreen:

  2. Da Green Says:

    yea charmy thats true lol 😆
    ~Da Green~

  3. Jellodelemon Says:

    Dont forget about Heatblast227’s plan. He wanted CP to make a Summer Luau. Cross your fingers (flippers) because it might happen.

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