Contest Winner

hey everyone its nothinbut. Im about to announce our contest winner :). Before I say that, Sorry i didnt give you guys a dead line hehehe. Well I really liked the Idea of this writer just a bit better than the paragraph. The winner is:

Ny Waddler!

Congratz! Although I liked the idea of santa’s paragraph (all about me 🙂 ) I really liked his idea Here is his writing start off(notice you can tell this was written and not copied):

webkinz attak

One night a penguin woke up hearing scary noises like
“STOMP STOMP!” and “BANG BANG!” then he heard a knock on the door. “AHHHH” he screamed as he took his puffle under the sheets of his bed. The penguin came out followed by his puffle when suddenly the door banged right open! The puffle jumped up on the fat ugly creature and bit his head right off! “Yay!” said the penguin as he turned on the TV. “Just In!” said the announcer. “WEBKINZ ARE COMING! WE ARE DOOMED!” “Wait a second said the penguin watching TV. “Why don’t we just beat them up in two seconds! Rockhopper came and hung half of them up and Gary shot them with his Lazer thing 3,000,000. All the penguins ran and threw the webkinz in a pit off quiksand as they sunk and fell to the bottom of nowhere.


Although I dont like the idea of Webkinz attacking club penguin (club p. should be attackin webkinz) I really do like the idea of A webkinz/cp war. Gtg bye


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5 Comments on “Contest Winner”

  1. Ny Waddler Says:

    YAY I WON!
    Good try guys i liked ur storys to!
    they all rocked!

  2. sparkly25cp Says:

    Well done waddler!
    It was a really funny story!!!!

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