Igloo Contest rules and what you need to do

Hey everyone! It is time for me to tell you how this contest is going to work. So here is how!

At 3:00 PST on server klondike you need to open your igloo’s so they will be on the map. Please open them sooner than 3:00 PST! As soon as it is 3:00 PST the judges will come to your igloo.

There are now 2 judges, Melbery and Pat97pat. On server Klondike the two judges will come and look at your igloos. We will give them a rating. You wont know the rating. We are going to look at all the igloos only on the list!!!!! In that same order.

Now, when we are looking at igloos please stay out of other peoples igloos while we are judging them. Please please please be in your igloo when we come to your igloo. If you are not in your igloo when we come you can lose points!

Being in your igloo while we are judging is the most important part. If you have people in your igloo that are in the contest you could lose points and the person who is in the igloo could lose points.

What we are looking for when we are judging:

  • Sleek design
  • Colorful
  • Not too crowded
  • Entertaning
  • Summer style

Please please I hope you enjoy this contest!


If you are the lucky winner of this contest you will get to add Melbery and maybe Pat97pat and you will get 1 series 1 Club Penguin code you can use to get out of the code book on clubpenguin.com

If you are this winner and win these prizes you have to get on xat and claim your prize. If you are the winner we will ask you to get on Club Penguin to make sure you are that person who won!!! So hopefully nobody has your Penguin password.

Thanks, for coming! The information is below!

When:  Wednesday May 20, 2009

Where: In your igloo make sure you open your igloo on the same server

Time:   3:00 p.m. PST

Server:  Klondike



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2 Comments on “Igloo Contest rules and what you need to do”

  1. Skyman 22 Says:


  2. I had to leave after you came to my igloo… 😦

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