Dg TV episode 9 tommorow

hey guys dg here dg tv episode 9 will be released tommorw its kinda boring and u guys no i dont have no sony vegas or magix just plain old movie maker also theres ganna be some party info at the end so watch the whole thing also


im happy he hasnt came in a while it looks like hes bringing a jungle tell me what you think it is?


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4 Comments on “Dg TV episode 9 tommorow”

  1. spykid12 Says:

    Awesome,btw, how did you do the site widget on the sidebar?

  2. withyoually Says:

    I think he might being a jungle party to Club Penguin or a beath party!!!!!


  3. Charmy 99 Says:

    I still think its a zoo in there! And Wild animals got in when he went to Florida!…..a guy can dream…

  4. Mystery305 Says:

    Can i be in dg tv episode 10 please??

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