Hey everyone Melbery here, and I am still one of our mini vacations. Like I said that I was going on a mini vacation on Memorial Day Weekend. I am coming home tomorrow (monday). There will be way more posts when I get home because I just dont have time here to make posts. This post that I am making right now is the 800th post on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to try to post sooooo much to get 1000 posts!!!!! Not even most famous sites have that much. In my opinion we are one of the most posting sites there are. We usually when we arent on vacation have 4-5 posts a day. If we do that we can get to 1000 very very quickly. But for us to post that much we need your help, and this is what you can do.

To help us make these many posts is people actually reading them and commenting. Every post we make we need to know if people are actually reading them. Every time we make a post comment telling us what you think or something. If people stop commenting we will just stop making posts to just 1 a day. I know that you would like more than one. So tell all your friends and strangers who play Club Penguin to comment and read the posts and just visit. This is what you can do to help us! Well go ahead and try it! Thanks!


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7 Comments on “Okie”

  1. Im posting ur welcome!!!
    Y is the post name “Okie”? o well!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE YA!!!!!!

    PS not leaderly! 🙂

    ~caroline1161~ 🙂

    Melbery: Haha. Lol I can never think of titles I am horrible at making titles.

  2. kvlfdsa Says:

    Wow that would be awesome to reach 1000 posts!!!

    Melbery: I know right.

  3. spykid12 Says:


  4. Da Green Says:


  5. Santa113 Says:

    awesome i will help my friend melbery too get more then 1000 ill get this site over 1000000

    P.s are we going to make mel studios 6 soon later


    Melbery rocks yea!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sg Slider Says:

    Good job you guys!

  7. Santa113 Says:

    Melbery! You Rock!

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