Hey guys its nothinbut and Im back from my trip! it was awesome And I had the AWESOMEST TUBING RIDE EVER!!! I will tell you more in my post but i bet your kinds getting worried about me making a post called Aflac. Well,when I was riding home I had some time to think. I thought that I should be making random posts names So thats what Im starting. A random post palooza :p . So you will see random names on posts from now on. Ok now on to other stuff, I am going to TRY to help mel make it to 1000 posts from now on. I bet some of you already know that I am not a poster and never post alot. Heck,The last time i posted on my site was like 3 months ago.  This is the most Ive been posting on a site ever. I usually am trying to do it at least once or twice every two days. I will try to make one EVERY day know but Im not good at making topics. If you could help me think of a topic that would help. Just comment on the most recent post Ive made and If its good Then I will make a post around the subject. Ok back to my AWESOMEST  TUBING RIDE EVER. So today was the last day at our lake and we went tubing. The girls went first (on the 2 tubes we had) and then they got off. Then me and my brother (SPEED DEMONS) Got 1 person per tube and IT WAS AWESOME. We didnt go a petty 15 miles per hour (girls speed :roll:) We went a honkin 30 MPH! You may think thats a little babyish speed but if you were on a small innertube with only 2 handholds on bumpy water with the boat turning every 5 seconds and Water kept on splashing in your eyes You would think it was Fast. So I was usually outside the wake (the wave the boat makes when its going fast enough) and it was very bumpy but luckily i had 2 hand holds (when there are 2 people on I usually have 2 but they are bad hand holds when you go a certian way) O yea and we did FIREWORKS! We got the huge pack with like everything in it. Well if you didnt know ( and you probably didnt know) Fireworks are illegal in georgia. When i found out a long time ago,I was ticked. But the lake we went to was in alabama so we were cool (at least I think it was in alabama). So yea we had a huge party and everything. Well thats pretty much it I could bet this is the longest post ive ever made. I could even bet this is the longest on this site. I beg all challengers 🙂 . SO bye thats it


P.S. I will make the War against webkinz soon.

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3 Comments on “Aflac”

  1. jtangel27 Says:

    Over here in California, we can’t set of fireworcks either, wich totally stinks! I have always wanted to set something off in the sky, and make it explode…..

  2. kvlfdsa Says:

    Lol!! That seemed like an TOTALLY AWESOME party!
    Keep on posting!!

  3. Sparkly25 Says:

    a post called argat lol

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