Hey guys its nb and


Well From the first post from when I was back I said I may have a party for my birthday! Well Since i Had my real life bday and i dont think mel is gonna be here for my cp bday (hes leaving 😦 ) I figured I’d have a nothinbut palooza! 😀 Well Wut i mean is Im having 2 parties! One will be tommorow (look at date and stuff tommorow) and one will be in mid june. Inbetween those is nothinbut palooza time :D! well all im going to do to celebrate it is put the Its nothinbut time at the top of the post. Well thats pretty much it heres the info!

Date: May 31,2009

Server: Sleet (if full then go to freezer)

Time: 1 (Cp time) may change

Room: Lighthouse (too many partys at dock)

as data says : Ciao ( wich is italian for like bye or something 🙄 )


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One Comment on “Target”

  1. spykid12 Says:

    But, tommorow is the 27th.

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