Hey everyone Melbery here, it is about 11:30 p.m. where I live right now and I am bored. Are you out of school for summer vacation? I know some of you dont have a summer vacation because you have to go to a year round school. Tell me what grade you are going to be in!!!!


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14 Comments on “So…”

  1. Puffypuffs8 Says:


  2. 2cool4thgame Says:

    I am not out of school i have year round school and i am going to be in 6 grade

  3. cabo7714 Says:

    6 grade yay!here i go! if i pass lol!

  4. AngelV7/»нєąҭšρℓą¢є«/ Says:

    Im going to go to 7th grade

  5. withyoually Says:

    I am out of school on June.26 and I am going into Grade 8 aka High School!!!!!


  6. Loricelle Says:

    I’m not out of school and I’m gonna be in 5th grade.

  7. spykid12 Says:

    Im on summer vacation and Im going to 6th grade.

  8. Ninja Shodow Says:

    i am going to 4th grade,and my school isnt over yet

  9. angel3667 Says:

    I am going to Grade 9 and 26 days left until I am out of school

  10. Narutoj11 Says:

    6th grade! And have a blog! Check it out. Just click my name! Whooo Who! Yeah i’m almost out!

  11. clubpenguin4607 Says:

    Im going to be in 3rd grade. P.S Where I live is in CST time.

  12. Kewlgalsokewl Prennaval Says:

    im going to be in 4th grade whopie~!


  13. Guess, It is higher than 1st but is lower than 7th. look on ur key bored and count to 7 starting with 1 and then count from 4 to 7 and see what number u end up with and that is the grade Im in. then count one more from 4 and that is the grade that I will be going in. I didnt learn this treak from school I just did it my self.


  14. darrenkinz Says:

    please join my army

    heres the link:

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