Catalog update!

Hey everyone Melbery here, and Billybob announces about a new catalog????

This below was not created by Melbery; therefore all credit goes to Billybob and Club Penguin.

Hello Penguins!
I’m not allowed to say too much right now, but on Friday I’ll be giving you a sneak peek of a brand new Club Penguin party! But there’s also more excitement coming… on Friday there’s a new clothing catalog coming out!! I got this sketch for you to see:

previewsketch2.jpgDon’t forget that the blue wig you decided on will be in that catalog! Check it out at the Gift Shop. 

A lot of you must have been busy helping Rockhopper get the plants off of the Migrator, and now that some of those plants have started to grow, we’re excited to hear what you think! Is it fun to have them around? Are they getting in the way of snowball fights?

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



Also, I am working on a secret Music Video Project!!!

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5 Comments on “Catalog update!”

  1. iceberg49869 Says:

    Cool, thanx Mel for reminding me, ( high five’s Mel )

  2. unknownmax Says:

    Hey want a coin code am giving one away for free nothing no comments nothing so hurry up and reply!
    Melbery: It is probably unused isnt it?

  3. Loupy8900 Says:

    Melbery can u please tell CPTV that i am sorry for being mean on there chat saying bad things and getting banned forever 😦 can you please tell them i will never do it again, and ask them if i can be unbanned THANK You Your CP Friend,Loupy8900

  4. Loupy8900 Says:

    Also will i ever be able to come back onto this wordpress or not cause it was really awesome and i enjoyed it and well u get the point 😉

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