Awesome new…

Hey everyone Melbery here, and so there is the new pin this week located in the book room. As shown in the widget on the sidebar.

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Then, I added one more widget!

The 101 Days of Fun widget. It is the very first widget on the sidebar. And you can just come here and see what it is today! how do you like that?

Tell me about it.


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4 Comments on “Awesome new…”

  1. spykid12 Says:

    Nice btw, how did you put the widget, I mean made it?

  2. garfield1801 Says:

    when i looked it was not there!

    i wonder what happened………

  3. Charmy 99 Says:


  4. Pengbro2 Says:

    Hi Melbery! I really want you to check out a site that I go to often. The link is:

    Thanks Guys! Melbery, Pat, and Dgff Rock!

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