Hey guys Melbery here, and I am sooooo sorry I havent been posting. I have been busy the last 3 days searching for songs to make a C.D. and a Club Penguin Music Video. I cant believe I forgot to post. Well, Dgff101 is on the plane when I am making this. He should be getting close to Washington D.C. He will love it, I sure did. Their AIRPORT IS AMAZING! Well, See ya!


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4 Comments on “WOA!”

  1. Nothinbut Says:

    yea Washington is AWESOME!!! but mel The Atlanta airport is like WAY better! It has everything you can imagine! Its the biggest airport in the U.S.A. and I thought it was awesome! Its like a mall but with planes!

  2. Ryu10 Says:

    its alright do you know any good site i could be working at?

  3. Charmy 99 Says:

    Its ok!
    I want to go to Washington one day!

  4. Kooki95 Says:

    Hey! I’m working on a new…(dunno if itll work)
    btw…yes! The airport at DC is amazing!!!

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