Hey everyone Melbery here, and I am scared to death! You know Dgff101 is my cousin. Well, currently you know he is gone in Washington D.C. with his school. So he was at this Museum in Washington D.C. After they left about 20-30 minutes later, AND THERE WAS A SHOOTING AT THAT SAME MUSEUM! No, not like recording AN ACTUAL SHOOTING! I WAS SOOOOO SCARED WHEN MY MOM TOLD ME! Well, thats all.


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9 Comments on “WOW!”

  1. santa113 Says:

    omg thats scary if your doing any videos can i be in there i will miss you so much and we dont hang out alot so plea

  2. I hope his ok!!!!!! I am also scared too because at my schools playground a 17 year old got shot. Because this guy wanted drugs and the 17 year old didnt have any so the guy shot him. It happened to day!!!! Im scared about ur cousin too! Those things r scary I tell u!!!!! OO

  3. Silly8787 Says:

    Wow that is scary

  4. Charmy 99 Says:

    OMG!!! that is scary!

    p.s I thought you actually did mean a shooting like a recording =P

  5. Splasher99 Says:

    Wow-I agree that is scary.

  6. Whoa! 😯 Was anyone hurt?

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