Hey everyone Melbery here, and I AM SOOO EXCITED! I had the best day today. So today at summer school (and yesterday) we went Bowling at our Bowling Alley! So, I love bowling so I am really good well kinda good. So today I got a Turkey! Turkey in bowling is 3 strikes in a row!!! TODAY I GOT 8 STRIKES. I was excited. So every time you get a strike you go up and spin a wheel and you have to land on an odd number then if you do you get a free bowling pass. And so I put mine from todays and yesterdays together and I now have 14 free game bowling passes.

Today was a lucky day.



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3 Comments on “WEEE!”

  1. jtangel27 Says:

    Well, I am so happy that you had an awesome day! 8 strikes in a game? Dang!

    Glad you’re day was nice!


  2. penguin794 Says:

    WOW, 14 FREE GAMES!!!

  3. The only time I’m good at bowling is when I’m playing Wii Sports. 😆

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