Hey guys Its nothinbut and uhhh Melbery’s Post inspired me to post what is happening. I play some instroments so lemme list the instroments first before I tell you What is happening:


Baritone (i played for 1 year im not a novice like melbery)(btw its like a minituba)

So yea I play 2 retarded classical instroments :/ . I was gonna take drums (CUZ I WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE DRUMMER) but drums are too expencive in this economy so…………..

Im taking electric guitar!

Finally my first like non newbish instroment. Im gonna probably stick with this one then When I can, Take drums. But im sticking to it and I still have my birthday money from May(16th) So I have enough money to get a used(electric) Guitar! My dad and my brother have one and I want my own. Before I get my own I gotta use my dads cuz his is tuned and stuff. So yea you can comment a link to a(cheap) guitar if you think I should play it.


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2 Comments on “Banana”

  1. rocker66843 Says:

    wow cool i know how to play the electric guitar but not a lot but i like to play it lol

  2. I think pianos are cool, but the electric guitar is SOOOOO AWESOME! 🙂

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