Hey everyone Melbery here, and well the Adventure party is gone and I thought  it was ok but not great. I thought more rooms could be decorated. Anyway, now since the party is gone they have brought something back that I personally dont like.

They have brought back again instead of the ice rink the soccer field. Tell me what you think about this.


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6 Comments on “Grr”

  1. jtangel27 Says:

    Uhhh! I HATE the soocor feild! Why can’t they just keep the ice rink? They could decorate that for summer parties!

  2. rocker66843 Says:

    i dont really like the soccer pitch i like better the ice rink

  3. charmy 99 Says: be honest, I like the soccor pitch better…
    I like the ice rink, I just like the soccor pitch more.

  4. I like the Ice Rink better!

  5. kvlfdsa Says:

    I like the soccer pitch!

  6. nsdtv101 Says:

    the soccer pitch is decorated for summer, but y’know how they have the door for some parties that non-members cant get into? they can do that with the soccer pitch and its always winter there!

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