Musical People!

Hey everyone Melbery here, and this idea just came to my head for some reason. I just wanted to post about it.

So, as you have heard I play many many instruments. Well, Dgff101 just started his first Piano/keyboard lessons today. That is what made me think of writing this post.

Here are the list of instruments Dgff101 plays:



Only two instruments.

Now here is what I (Melbery) play:


Little bit of drums,

Bass guitar a little,


Soprano Saxophone

Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone

Bass Saxophone

(they are all different)

Tiny tiny bit of Baritone like 2 notes.

What are all the instruments you play? Go ahead and tell me, and for some reason it seems like I am forgetting a couple instruments.



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11 Comments on “Musical People!”

  1. withyoually Says:

    Flute and Guitar!

  2. I don’t play any instruments, but I want to play the guitar.

  3. Splasher99 Says:

    Only piano. A bit of recorder.

  4. tmm rules Says:

    a bit of the recorder

  5. tmm rules Says:

    a bit of the recorder…. (u can delete the others)

  6. jtangel27 Says:

    Claranet and Guitar Hero level medium. Lol

  7. angel3667 Says:

    I want to play Clarinet but I hate sucking on reeds and they constantly break

    I might learn to play piano 🙂

  8. zoey28982 Says:

    I play a little bit a classic guitar but my hole family plays guitar!Sorry about my grammer!

  9. Sonic8shadow Says:

    guitar, alto saxophone, and guitar hero EXPERT!!!! i can ace… BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!1

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