Everyone, I made a mistake my site isnt 1 year old yet. I thought it was July. Sorry.

It turns 1 year old July 8th.


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6 Comments on “WOOPS!”

  1. inubakakid Says:

    yay!! one year old!!

  2. Angel3667 Says:

    How do you find out how old the site is??
    Melbery: Because I know when I made it. lol.

  3. Splasher99 Says:

    Cool! I only worked on Club Penguin Fun Stuff for like 6 months or something 😆

  4. Angel3667 Says:

    you keep track…???
    Melbery: No i remember the day I made the site. So one year later on that exact day is 1 year thats how I know.

  5. Cool! But why aren’t there any archives for June 2008?

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