Hey everyone Melbery here, and yesterday I made a post about Jon and Kate plus 8. Well, their big announcement was that they are getting a divorce 😦 I think this is horrible. I know parents get divorced but think about how all 8 kids will react. I dont know I think it is horrible.


What do you think?

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8 Comments on “Darn…”

  1. Kooki95 Says:

    melbery! i have something urgent!

  2. Kooki95 Says:

    melbery…i have something urgent!
    Melbery: Get on xat and tell me.

  3. Rgre1 Says:

    i was watching it on the news i didnt see the show

  4. flibo44 Says:

    Some time later this week I will watch the new transformer movie! I hope it’s good

  5. Sarg 18 Says:

    i saw it too i almost cried lol

  6. I don’t care; I don’t thinks it’s anyone’s buisiness but theirs. Dicvorce is always very personal. I think the show should be cancelled.

    Also, I feel bad for the kids. When they are older, people are probably going to make fun of them constantly…

  7. silly8787 Says:

    It sucks espacially for the kids the shows rattings are down, because it’s all about Jon&Kate it’s not about the kids anymore every store I walk in I see John or Kate on the front page now it makes me mad.

  8. kopaka9964 Says:

    The kids might go all crazy and it might be total chaos!

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