Happy B-Day Mel

Hey Melbery Happy Birthday Do I Get To Hit You Fourteen times lol jk. ill try to get your gift as soon as possible ok?Watch The Preview for The Movie Guys and Make Sure to say happy Birthday To Melbery

Happy Birthday!

~mokey12 83~

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3 Comments on “Happy B-Day Mel”

  1. Hi Mokey! Is it fine if u post this party for Melbery for his 14th birthday? ok heres the info.

    Place: caroline1161’s igloo

    When: June 29th

    Time: 6pm (CP Time)

    Why: Melbery’s Suprise B-Day Party!

    Thx Mokey!! Please DONT TELL MELBERY!! Can u say that i planded this Please. No i mean not u planded this i mean i elizabeth12330. O can u also put on there that elizabeth12330 is caroline1161 on CP. Thx!

  2. O I laughed my pants off on that movie sneek peek!!

  3. YEMM Trio Says:

    DOES EVERYTHING COME ON FIRE!?!?!? LOL that cracks me up!!!

    ~Yert 456: YEMM Trio Member

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