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Pin tracker finnaly updated

July 31, 2009

Hey everyone Dg here sorry for not updating the pin tracker this morning i wasnt thinking lol.

Also new music was released today for our igloos remmeber to check it out!

Thanks 🙂



New newspaper

July 31, 2009

Hey guys Dg here todays thursday and you know what day that is!

Ok u have no clue its newspaper day! make sure to check out the new events




July 29, 2009

Im back and not quitting i was just so into other things (maplestory) =) anyways minybuddie is mad at heat again  and like always is a little baby about everything and 65 people have already un subbed heat which is bad i un subbed miny he says people un subbing wont do much well maybe he right maybe he’s wrong or maybe he might lose alot of Subs or Maybe heat may lose alot of subs so im with heat cuz miny is just being a baby so let me know what you think.


In the next week or so

July 28, 2009

Hey everyone dg here! Clubpenguin has something to tell everyone!


Hello Penguins!

It’s been great to hear how much you loved the Music Jam. We saw tons of awesome bands, and you guys have been really creative all over the island with the music party stuff. A lot of you told us that you liked being able to hear your instruments at the Lighthouse stage. Since we heard from so many of you, we’re going to make that a permanent thing. The team is working so that in about a week, anytime you play at the Lighthouse stage with certain instruments, you’ll be able to hear them! Let us know what you think.

Even though the Music Jam is officially done, some of the party music will be available in your igloos this Friday. To get ready for the new tracks, check out the latest Better Igloos catalog (it came out just over a week ago), and then decorate with some music items to keep your own party going!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Well what do u you think it will probably be done by friday!

I think now the clubpenguin bands wont be so useless at the lighthouse now.



Party canceld

July 26, 2009

Hey guys Dg here sorry to say but i have to go somewhere tommorow.

Thanks for the understanding


Music party!

July 25, 2009

Hey guys Dg here and i felt like once again having another party!

But before i give the info ur probably thinking OMG DG THE MUSIC JAM ENDS SUNDAY!

Yea i know that but this time its at my igloo so heres the info!

When monday the 27th

Time: 3 pst

Server: klondike

where: Dgff101s igloo on the map

if i missed anything tell me!



July 24, 2009

Sorry i havent been posting its not becuase i might quit and if i do itll be awhile but its becuase ive been on vacation and heres a heads up ill be gone this weekend at the beach