Hi guys its me nb! I just got from my vacation in Cabo,Mexico. I DIDNT GET SWINE FLU so dont ask. It was aaaaawesome even though 1 mexican stole my cousins shoes. His name is Dpff202. So yea…. My grandparents had a time share so we stayed there but there was so many people my family had to stay in a hotel,THE HILTON! It was fun. We didnt see any celebrities at the hilton but while we were leaving we saw #12 Falcons Player(football player for all those nerds that dont that), Michael Jinkons! I know sounds like Michael Jackson right? Oh yea I forgot Michael Jackson just died a couple of days ago. So yea it was really fun and thats why I wasnt posting.


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3 Comments on “Smoothie”

  1. Ryu10 Says:


  2. jtangel27 Says:

    No way! I am going to Cabo next month! Hope you had fun!



    I’m sorry that that guy stole you’re cusin’s shoes… He-he! Lol

  3. disco70s Says:

    Lol, somebody stole your cousins shoes!

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