Hey everyone

Hey everyone Melbery here, a couple things to tell ya.

First off there is a new login screen showing the Music Jam. I will be quitting 3 days after that starts.

Second, I am quitting in 17 days now and not this coming week but the next week I will be on vacation so I wont be posting. Then when I get back I will have 3 days to say goodbye.

This is kinda depressing but its gotta be done some time!

Well, thats it




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19 Comments on “Hey everyone”

  1. Ryu10 Says:

    17 days left.

  2. joetheman Says:

    If it’s gotta be done, why end it now?

  3. If Heat is older than u y r u quiting? I mean i found out this site like 3 months ago. And no it wasnt very long ago. The first party i ever went to when i got on Heat’s site was your party. Yes, it can end some time but y now? Y here? U said u were quiting in June. Wasnt very long ago. I mean im 13 and u dont see me quiting do u? No! :`(
    Melbery: I think you have stuff backwards. I am 14 years old. In High School. Heatblast227 is 12 years old. I think he is quitting when he is 13, but I am not sure. I am older than Heatblast227. Hope this makes more sense.

  4. O ok i throught heat was older than u! Because on xat heat said he was 15 so did dance.

  5. bluenev1 Says:

    bye melbery i will miss you on heats site

  6. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Mel this site is less than 1 year old (Okay, 11 months July) but why so early? You’re 14 but still, that don’t mean stop blogging!


  7. Silly8787 Says:

    We will miss you Melbery I am throwing a good bye party for you 🙂

    Place: Silly8787 igloo

    Server: Sleet

    Time: 10:00 club penguin time

    Date: July, 18, 2009
    I hope you can come 🙂


  8. Rgre1 Says:

    well bye i guess i will miss you Dx

  9. Ryu10 Says:

    he just trying to make people think hes not a little kid

  10. Ryu10 Says:

    well i think we are same age, my birth year is 1997 and my b-day hasnt pasted
    Melbery: Ryu my birth year is 1995

  11. jeffhardy2 Says:

    can i be an author

  12. Wii Man3 Says:

    Hey…That’s to bad that your quitting. I understand though. After awhile you just have to quit. Hey, If you would be okay with it, I would do anything to run your website once you quit. Truely. I will miss you.

  13. Thaper Says:

    Darn, I like this site

  14. kevflapstv Says:

    mel im quiting too its all confuseing now i dont understand it

  15. disco70s Says:

    The record of oldest cp blogger is 15. Melbery maybe you could stop quiting and see if can still beat the glory as you beat the record!

  16. jackwen2 Says:

    this was my fav cp site and you made it awesome

  17. Im saying… I dont want u to go! u made this site awsome and im not saying dg and pat wont make it awsome but the fact that u were there. That made it awsome. Not just being by us. But being with us. We all know that people have to leave some time. Soooo… Bye. 😦

  18. Ryu10 Says:

    i meant heat melbery

  19. Ryu10 Says:

    and the one above it too

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