Hey everyone Melbery here, Sorry neither I or Dg were posting. We were at our Grandma’s house for the 4th of July. I am back and Dg is leaving to go back home too. We’ve had an amazing 4th of July, our Grandma’s neighbors put on a fantastic show. They roughly buy 5000-6000 dollars worth of fireworks each year. Tell me about your 4th of July.

Hope you had a good one.


P.S. The post below I got a lot of goodbyes and saying that you will miss this site. This site will not be closing down. Dgff101 and Pat97pat will be running it with brand new authors. No need to say goodbye yet. Its still a while before I go. No need at all to say Goodbye! This site is not closing down whatsoever so still visit.

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6 Comments on “Back”

  1. Silly8787 Says:

    I live in Canada so we don’t have fourth of July we have Canada day that is on the first of July where i live there were alot of shows around the city and every three blockes you could see or here fireworks

  2. californiama Says:

    Cool man. In my state we dont get fireworks there illegal but somehow are neighbors launch them. Hope ya had a good time 😉 ~Cali

  3. Nothinbut Says:

    😮 Dgff And Pat?

  4. Jellodelemon Says:

    I was on vacation for 8 days in South Carolina. That was a great vacation. on the 4th of July, I went to this store called bargain beachware and got a bottle of sand and drop ‘n pops,then I went to a fireworks store and got $90 worth of fireworks. then I shot all of the fireworks off that night. And heres a little something that happened when I was lighting a firework.As I lighted a fuse on some firecrackers, I then noticed a second fuse I lit that one and then the firecrackers popped with lots of sparks right under me. I CANT BELIEVE I SURVIVED!

  5. clubpenguinsaturdaynightshow Says:

    Awesme yay!!!!but awww ur leaving in idk days there running to fast i think 12

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