Hi guys its nb. I got bored so i made a post about being bored because Im so creative šŸ˜€ . Well I got a question for you guys and this is the question: What do you do when your bored? I mean like EXTREMELY bored. LIke you cant watch tv cuz the cables out, your moms gonna be on the computer all day and your phone is out of battery kinda bored. Comment your answer. Also guys I want you guys to check my best friend’s youtube its AWESOME and its RL videos so its not anything to do with club penguin. heres the link:


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9 Comments on “MilkShake”

  1. Aan10 Says:

    I usually go to a friends house in my neighborhood and play Call of Duty WaW. Or I play video games. Or I just sir around and watch Tv.

  2. jeffhardy2 Says:

    i would drive my bike 2 my friends house bieman98 or go 2 sleep

  3. jtangel27 Says:

    I would probably go on MY coumputer. What? You said my Mom would be on the coumputer, but you didn’t say she would be on my coumputer. lolz!

  4. clubpenguinsaturdaynightshow Says:

    awesome lol looks like that happened to u well i will ummm play with my dog,go to the park,skateboarding,and ask my uncle and my cuzins to go to my house to play!

  5. When I’m bored and I can’t go on the computer, I play video games, draw in my notebook, and/or listen to my iPod. Also, I sometimes go into my parents’ room to see if I can find any random books in there that look interesting. Or I just walk around the house, complaining about how there’s nothing to do, and how much I want to go on the computer. (I’m ADDICTED to the computer! šŸ˜‰ )

  6. Well i just complain to my parents intill they do some thing with me. Or i just eat some ice cream to cool my self down. šŸ™‚

  7. rythym135790 Says:

    i know this is random but my dead hasters name was milkshake and he died tis July 4th and now im sad. But now im overit so lol
    and i like to read a REALLY GOOD book or play my ds

  8. Jellodelemon Says:

    When im bored, I bug my mom or dad about going downtown and doing something. if they dont even feel like it, I usually play videogames,watch tv, play with my pets,or even pick berries in the backyard (there are ALOT of blackerry bushes behind my house)

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