Need a band for music jam

Hey guys Dg here Im looking for a band for music jam im ganna be guitarist and i need a singer a bass player and a drummer. If ur a singer u dont need anything if u play bass u need the bass guitar and if ur a drummer u need the drum sticks.

I will be looking on here   for these instruments we will be playing all around the island so get ready to rock and roll!

Ok so ur probably asking urself how do i get to be in dgs band u must give me a good reason why u should be in my band yea its that simple

our first practice will be on thursday the day before music jam


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9 Comments on “Need a band for music jam”

  1. jtangel27 Says:

    Well, I can play bass really well, I can film our selves playing, and put awesome effects in, and also, I can make it to rehersals.

    Dgff101:Ur in

  2. skape1 Says:

    i would like to be in your cause i lo music specially metal and dead metal,i would like to be the drummer of this band,it would be so _ _ _ _ _ _ awesome if i got choosen.
    Dgff101:Ur in

  3. Only thing left for me is singer. 😐

  4. Silly8787 Says:

    I could be a guitar plaer Bass or normal

  5. Nothinbut Says:

    dgff you gotta wait like 3 days then see the people :/ not the first 3 people that comment

  6. Thats fine ill be singer! 🙂

  7. Thaper Says:

    I know I’m a little late but could I be backup elctric guitar player?

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