My Band for music jam

Dg here this is my band for music jam!




Singer:Kev flaps

Dgff101:Congrats guys! i will have a show time list and if u guys would meet me on heats chat and pc me for band practice time thanks!

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8 Comments on “My Band for music jam”

  1. jtangel27 Says:

    Great. Where and when are we playing? I can do it any time between 2:00-4:40 PM.

    Thanks again for adding me to the band!


  2. jtangel27 Says:


    Do you have a YouTube account? I’m going to be filming us, and I want to give you the video.


  3. Mac Storm Says:


    Can I be Keytar? I have one. Or I can be a dancer or something.

    -Mac Storm

  4. skape1 Says:

    awesome thanks man and what time is the practice going to be

  5. kevflapstv Says:

    dg my new pengs name is madison boy…..

  6. inubakakid Says:

    😮 :O yay! a band!

  7. Holly Molly its raining I was walking and it was lighting and rain and thunder outside!!!

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