Hey everyone Melbery here, and I am quitting tomorrow. Before I quit I will be adding one more author. Check back later to see who it is.


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13 Comments on “Adding”

  1. beardedcrest Says:

    Oh My God, please say your adding me.

  2. silly8787 Says:

    Hey Melbery it’s Silly8787 it’s been nice knowing you around CPTV I remember the day you became a author on the CPTV website I knew you were going to be a cool author I remember I did one of your first interviews by the way sorry I called you a she in the interview lol you have been a great author on your site and the CPTV site this comment is basically to say thank you for everything you done with me even the author for the week that was a blast people reading your posts and you ever you make as the new author I will pay a great amount of respect to the authors like I do to every author I also like to say thank you to the people who kept the site going threw the year I also will like to say thanks to Heatblast227 who made you a author on the CPTV site 🙂 🙂 🙂
    it’s almost time to say good-bye but I will always remember you as a FRIEND
    Thanks for everything Mel and good luck in life 🙂

    From ~Silly8787 🙂

  3. I wish u wernt quiting! 😦 :.(

  4. Awe! I wiah u wont leave! 😦 :.(

  5. I cant do the crying face can u teach me? 😥

  6. Splasher99 Says:

    Wow! You’re adding one more author! Is it Thaper? (I’m just guessing)

  7. oxgen1 Says:

    add me please

  8. blackbeard76 Says:

    Hi Melbery can I be the author?

  9. U guys its not about who is being the new auther! Its about Melbery!

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