Im back and not quitting i was just so into other things (maplestory) =) anyways minybuddie is mad at heat again  and like always is a little baby about everything and 65 people have already un subbed heat which is bad i un subbed miny he says people un subbing wont do much well maybe he right maybe he’s wrong or maybe he might lose alot of Subs or Maybe heat may lose alot of subs so im with heat cuz miny is just being a baby so let me know what you think.


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5 Comments on “Back!”

  1. jtangel27 Says:

    Good news! Heatblast has recently commented on Miny’s channel, and apoligized, while minybuddie posted a video about HIS own appolagy. So, no one is at there throughts anymore! Happy day!


  2. Mac Storm Says:

    FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! GO MINYBUDDIE!! Just kidding. But I would still be rooting for Miny if there was a fight….

    -Mac Storm

  3. withyoually Says:

    hey mokey and thanks for getting me all the Music Items!

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