Quitting in December

Hey everyone Dg here i know i barely post but that is my fault. This post is about me quitting im not trying to copy zoie but it is my own persanol decision. Clubpenguin has gotten to the extent where it just isnt that great anymore. Im getting kinda old to be playing clubpenguin and its just pretty boring. Of course i will still get on the computer to watch youtube videos and what not but thats about it. Also the reason im quitting is because my membership ends in december

Thanks for your time and i hope you understand


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7 Comments on “Quitting in December”

  1. jtangel27 Says:

    Ahh well, we all gotta go some day…… 😦

  2. Blueicedude Says:

    Hi! I’m Blueicedude, the leader of the Clone Troopers. I was wondering if you could sponsor my army. I see that you advertise some pretty famous armies, and I am in need of soldiers and I need them fast! Just let me know if you can sponsor. Here is the link to my site.


  3. ok all of the boys i like are decapering! i throught CP TV would be going on forever! i guess where going on… adding more authors and stuff. Because if we do all of us could become a legend! of CP! and i hope so one day!

  4. Jasprh Says:

    Are you still going to post on the site? I hope so, when you quit CP can’t you stay on the site and post?

  5. rythym135790 Says:

    awww eeyons quitting -.-
    and what wil appen to this site?will it go to pat??

  6. candybar56 Says:

    club penguin is awsome you noob

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