Its The final count down!/Quitting

Hey guys its nothinbut. Actually im not nothinbut anymore because i quit him. Yes I quit. I dont really need a reason because most of you probably know why. Its the usual reason. Its gotten boring. It has. It took an effort to get on wordpress and xat for the final time. Please dont be sad over this because its my choice and theres no convincing me not to. To those people i have come in contact to in rl i shall keep on doing it unless i really dont wana be friends with you anymore. Well thats about it now here comes the personal goodbyes. Please dont be sad if i didnt list you there are a ton of people that i could list and i cant name them all. Well its been good knowing most of you. Bad knowing some others. 

Vrael89: i dont really need to list you because i know you in real life because i go to school with you so uhh bye.

Pat97Pat: wats up patrick! you quit to so uh this probably wont go through to you so o well. Anyways you were an awesome editor and stuff and you were a good friend. Sorry i stressed you about that top of the list on your xat friends thing lol i got carried away.Well i cant describe how good of a friend you were so yea.. Your cool awesome awesome cool nice funny and alot of other things (dont think i mean sweet because only girls say sweet).

Dgff101:Whats up homie J. THanks for alot of stuff even though we didnt talk as much as some other people i still think we are good friends. HOpe you have a good time with club penguin but trust me it will get boring as to which you will quit. DONT BE AN ADDICT QUIT BEFORE YOUR 17 ! Lol i remember you saying you never quit so i just want you to quit before you reach that age. Well nice seeing you and stuff and things. Please delete me off this site once you see this.

Melbery: I know you check up on the site so uh i hope you read this yea. You were a good friends and even though we had alot of fights we were friends before you quit so thats good. I know i am super stubborn so thats what caused all the fights and what not probably. Me no remembre. el speake el spanishto? Lel. Me speake el spanisto because me ish random. Me say bye ish so bye ish. peace homie M!

Cody227: nice to know you until you stole my girlfriend………yea

Tbone9090: Fame effects you big time. IT does. Before you ever were famous we were buds then you became famous and i remember you said once”Who are you?” then you were fired and we became real good freinds again. Then you got heats purple back and became famous. Your diffrent now even. Try to wokr on that. Well i hope you have a good life and theres something i would like to give to you. Since you have done alot of things to deserve it and you were a good friend I present you with my panguin. I will come on chat untill you come on then i will give you the pass and stuff. Hope you make the most of it.

CHILLAY1248: AHH I dont know how i almost forgot you and didnt move you up. Oh well i will do something else to make you feels special. If you notice its in bolds so dats the thing. Well You were the bestest friend somebody could ever have and i cant imagine the words to describe how good a friend you were. I remember wen we were panguin spies XD. and i had a super special Orange penguin that could make goo XD .

Hadger:Good knowing you a while ago enough said

Leo: Ahh nice to know you. HOpe you have a good life and dont cuss anyone out XD . Good luck with the Wizard one oh one thing but im still keeping that. Nice knowing you and thanks for showing me some cool games. Your cool smart and everything else and your only nine  years old. Well nice knowing you.

Heatblast227: Nice knowing you just wanted to list you because I liked your site lol. WEll nice knowing you and good luck with dance and her parents.

Mmdance: nice knowing you just wanted to list you because i like your boyfriends site lol. Well nice knowing you and good luck with heat and his parents.

Empire227 (i think thats it): Nice knowing you dude hope you have a good life and everything. I cant describe a thing about you so yea. hope your not mad that i made this so short XD.

Iscool87:Are you happy i put you in here iscool? XD Congratz your special enough so that u ment something to my cp life~huzzah. you were nice/you were uh nice again/you were kinda whats the word uhhh SASSY! Thats a word to describe you. yea lets go with that. I shall remember you as sassy gal XD.

Lindsey: I dont know why i put you here because I cant describe how awesome you were. I cant. I am serious i cant. I shall make a pity attempt though. You were the awesomest girlfriend ive ever had. Oh and dont hate cody please forgive him hes not that bad. I hope you have the best life ever. You are better than the best ;). OH yea and facebook beats myspace every time XD.

Names i want to put in teh personal goodbye but would take superlong to write and im too lazy to do so: Eduardbest1,TrevorCade,Halo21,Conner91,BLUEHERO29(idk why i didnt put you you deserve to have a personal goodbye im just super lazy i hope you know you are important) ) Fergie,Pink,Cin,and a ton of others that i forgot to list.

If i didnt put you its because i forgot and im really sorry if you expected to be put.

To the other people: dont stay with club penguin until your 18 and try to become a mod thats just pointless xd please get off the computer and live your life! I wasted two years on this dang thing people like to call club penguin. I dont want you to suffer!

For the last time,


P.S. Authors feel free to edit and say something

P.S.S. Non authors feel free to comment

P.S.S. This word has like 1095 words on it so yea thats cool.

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10 Comments on “Its The final count down!/Quitting”

  1. Lindsey*Loves*Nb*Forever Says:


  2. iscool87 Says:

    awww ur quiting and grrr u didnt rite anything bout me -_- yeaa ima go now do someething else…

  3. Silly8787 Says:

    That sucks didn’t really know you

  4. Withyoually Says:

    Well bye Nothinbut hope you have an awesome life

  5. Jasprh Says:

    Bye. 🙂

  6. angel3667 Says:

    It was good knowing you, I don’t really visit the site anymre since Mel quit blogging.

  7. YEMM Trio Says:

    Bye nb, you were a very good friend to me and my friend in real hydro. Im not sure if you remember him anymore cuz he too quit cp. Well. This is good-bye! I will have a great life and I hope you do too. Bye!:D

    ~Yert 456

  8. Ryu10 Says:

    …. i was gone for a while THAN THIS HAPPENS, i think imma quit too

  9. 😐 How could you say you wasted two years of your life playing CP if you made so many great friends on it? 😕

  10. dkdfkg Says:

    hi guys hello l like cp

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