Cheats for Friday the 11th!

First of all i would like to say sorry for getting these out a day late i was feeling awful yesterday.

Coins For Change

Coins for change donating stations are located at:




Capatains Quarters

And this year you can donate in your igloo!

Rockhoppers Rare Items


Coins for change background: Free

Tricorn Hat: 350 coins

Silver bell: 75 coins

Coins for change banner: 500 coins

Coins for change donation station: 75 coins

Better Igloos December-January

Click on the blue bird on the Santa hat snowman for the Nutcracker

Click on the red bow on the wreath for the small Christmas tree

Click on the star on the tall Christmas tree for the Christmas lights

Igloo upgrades

New items:

Snowy Floor: 400 coins


Give a gift to your friends! Send them the gift postcard and they will get a christmas hat!


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2 Comments on “Cheats for Friday the 11th!”

  1. Artiguana123 Says:

    please e mail me at and well ummm could i be an author i really want to be one!

  2. Artiguana123 Says:

    im buddys with your friend Jtangel27 dgff an i know him in real life!


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