Hey everyone, I haven’t been on here in a long time! I just wanted to say hi to everyone and that I never EVER see Heatblast anymore. Well, talk to y’all later.


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7 Comments on “Hey!”

  1. Hey Mel i dont think any body else gets on here anymore but me and 3 other guys…… 😮 im the only girl!!!!! :O

  2. Silly8787 Says:

    Oh wow! It’s been a while since I went on this site. I am guessing Heat quit but you never know. I quit CP in September after all the mayhem. Also can someone please tell me what happened to the igloofever chat?


    • Melbery Says:

      Some inappropriate stuff was put on the chat, so Blue closed it. Blue quit xat and heat has too, and Mmdance as well. But we all meet at xat.com/prunes we would love to have you there.

  3. Cabo7714 Says:

    Wow lolz long time i havent been on cp sites and cp xD since all of this happened because cp has become gayer 😛 and everything is repeating so ya i understand you now 😛

  4. mokey1283 Says:

    Ha Melbery Ive gotten back into Cp after I got bored of it Now Im drawing penguins and animating them just like Jet Birdie But Im trying to make it better alot of work

  5. wh1tesn0w Says:

    whoa nice site.

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