This tells about many armies around the island Club Penguin. There are many many many armies around this island that you can never imagine. Lets check out some of the most awesome armies there are. If you would like to describe your army and give me your army site link then I will put it here on this page! Please read about the armies below and think about joining some of them!

UMR is a little army. This is an amazing army and it is still growing. The wars are just now starting and it is still gaining many people. Their website is the most well planned and good looking site. It has very good graphics and their scheduling for wars, practice wars and everything is perfect. If you like little armies against little armies where you have more freedom this is the right army for you. Please sign up today! Please rate this army!


Nacho Army
This is a big army. Almost everyone who is in a Club Penguin army has heard of this army. They are allies with many people yet their language is not the best. Their wars are pretty good, but their costumes may be hard to get for some people. Their costumes are pretty cool it just gets really confusing at war. They have fought many wars and their website has many many many hits. Their site has a lot of widgets and that is definatley a plus! If you like not big armies but not small armies this army is good for you!

ACP is the biggest army there is. That is in my opinion. It has tons and tons of people. They put a lot of hard work and effort into making wars and into their posts and pages on their site. They have won many many wars and they have lost only a couple. If you love big armies this one is right for you! They have so many people who have joined and they have listed every single one of them too! This is a big army and a lot of action and they fight the nachos a lot too! Join now!

Amigo Army
Amigo army is another small army. Yet this army is a little bigger than UMR and it is still growing. They have many pages that you can have fun and explore while having good and big wars they are very small and they are very competitive. They are allies with Nacho’s which is a big big army and they have had war with them. If you like to be in a small army that fights big this army is good for you!

ASCP is a fairly big fairly small army. It is bigger than UMR but way smaller than ACP. The site has about 15,000 hits so maybe that will help a little. Their site is colorful and I havent heard much about these people. Join if you want!


16 Comments on “Armies”

  1. Holland Says:


    anyways heres a little more info about the nachos:

    the nachos are the second biggest army in whole of clubpenguin!
    the nachos can beat the ACP very easly.
    and the nachos is the strongest army of clubpenguin!

    P.s im in the nacho army!
    Melbery: Yes maybe. But you never know. That may be your opinion I took some other peoples opinions and put them up.

  2. flibo44 Says:


  3. jtangel27 Says:

    Ummmm, are you going to be adding armie requests? What I mean, is, if I say, “Add the MKTSA on the list,” would you? Or are these the only armies?

    Melbery: Sure just give me a description like I did up above.

  4. Tigers Class on a diffrent computer Says:

    You have forgeten some armies they are: UMA,RPF,IW,WW,And A few more, check their sites 😉
    Melbery: I never said I didnt have all of them. I ran out of time and I had to go. Ill add more later.

  5. fwfirewarriors Says:

    i’m the used-to-be- amigo co-leader. u can take them off cause they merged with another army called black panthers (i hate that army). so review black panthers if u want

  6. ۩¤฿๏ηê乙15404¤۩ Says:

    add the RSA (RockStar Army) It is a pretty cool an is small-medium see foryourself
    -Foo Fighter (Former leader of RSA)

  7. lucky4069 Says:

    you should add club penguin elements! (CPE)

  8. Kisypie Says:

    I’ve been in the nacho army before and its fun. theres also an army called the snowman army. their costume is the agent suit and the snowman head. with the black and white checkerboard shoes. its very small and started to lose fame. and its not there anymore now. three penguins started it. then they told other penguins to join it. so there was about 32 penguins who joined it. then they joined other armies. and so the snowmen quit. also, people are getting mixed up with UMA and ACP i dont think they know about the UMA because they dressed up like the UMA and they said they were in the ACP

  9. joetheman Says:

    you don’t have a lot of armies listed, there’s IW, AW, RPF, BB, UMA.

  10. Aan10 Says:

    Can you add Aqua Warriors please. Here is the site:

  11. Aan10 Says:

    Sorry I forgot to describe them:

    AW was founded by Ephris11. They are what is know as a “Legend Army”. What that means is that they have been around since the beginning of CP armies. They had been a small size army, but have quickly grown to medium sized. They are currently in need of another Co-leader and some other high ranking officers. Aw is always open to new recruits as well. The Aqua Warriors is a great army that always has fun in the stuff it does!


  12. Aan10 Says:

    Could you add Aqua Warriors please?

  13. wwehardywwf Says: my army dacp

  14. snowmanarmy Says:

    a DIFFERENT snowman army

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