Club Penguin Music

Club penguin Music below:

Room Music:

Coffee Shop:

Dance Mix:

Night Club:

Boiler Room/Dance Lounge:

Agent HQ:

Pizza Parlour:

Game Music:

Hydro Hopper:

Bean Counter:

Puffle Roundup:

Ice Fishing:

Cart Surfer:

Pizzatron 3000:

Jet pack Adventure:

Thin Ice:

Catchin’ Waves:

Aqua Grabber:

Aqua Grabber 2:

Club Penguin Igloo Music & Party Jams

Jingle Bells, Christmas ‘07:

April Fools Party ‘08

Mine Opening/Sub-Marine Party 1:

Mine Opening/Sub-Marine Party 2:

Summer Party:

Halloween ‘06 and ‘07

Winter Fiesta ‘07

Festival of Snow

St.Patricks day ‘08

Ice Fishing Remix:

Driving Guitar:

Jazz Piano:

Pirate Party/Ocean Voyage:

Igloo Music

Cool Surf:

Summer Party

Summer ‘07:

Water Party:

Summer Party ‘08:

Camp Party ‘07:

Camp Party 2:

Fall Fair 2:

Fall Fair 3:

Winter Fiesta ‘08:

Christmas Jam:

Beach Mix:

Hard Rock:


2 Comments on “Club Penguin Music”

  1. spykid12 Says:

    Cool! AwesomE!

  2. Jguy365 Says:

    where did you get these links? i used to have some on my site but they stopped working.

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