Peoples Page!

This page is pretty cool! What this page is, is when you visit my site you come to this page and comment! When you comment your name will be posted up on this page. The main thing of this page is to see who are all the peoples Club Penguin names who visited my site! If you dont get it just comment below and your name will end up here. That means a lot of people can see who visits this site!

Go ahead comment!

  1. Melbery
  2. Dgff101
  3. Patfat4
  4. Heatblast227
  5. Mmdance
  6. IcyJoker78
  7. Piplup Ice99
  8. Animaluver24
  9. Kamppenguin
  10. Sunammie5
  11. Splasher99
  12. 1221jamw
  13. Tgpcds
  14. Hades Dude
  15. Bluebirdboy1
  16. Thaper
  17. Cannon Pair
  18. Inubakakid
  19. Egg6678
  20. Pat97pat
  21. Dumbhead333
  22. 1212cody
  23. 65mimi
  24. Misty220
  25. Firedude5
  26. Clubpenguin565
  27. Littleg1000
  28. Jellodelemon
  29. Cantdo
  30. Zaeriuraschi
  31. Kathryn22134
  32. Charmy99
  33. Ryu10
  34. Jguy365

50 Comments on “Peoples Page!”

  1. Splasher99 Says:


  2. kamppenguin Says:

    Hey Mel

  3. sunammie5 Says:

    what about me? lol sunammie5

  4. 1221jamw(not logged in) Says:

    Lol i’m too lazy to log in but here put me up here! u know my name lol

  5. Tgpcds Says:

    Remember me from the P.I. chat? The moderator named:


    Yup, that’s me alright. =)

  6. Hades Dude Says:

    White Puffles Rock!

  7. bluebirdboy1 Says:

    Hey. This is Bluebirdboy1. I own nicknamed “The Club penguin Super Blue Team” Check it out

  8. Dgff101 Says:

    MY NAME IS DGFF101 lols

  9. Thaper Says:

    Hey it should be called the Penguins Page! lol.
    My name is Thaper.

  10. Thaper Says:

    Hey it should be called the Penguins Page! lol.
    My name is Thaper..

  11. inubakakid Says:

    hi my name is inubakakid:)

  12. cannonpaircp Says:

    Cannon Pair with a space yo

  13. Egg6678 Says:

    let’s be on there

  14. 12cody12 Says:

    Hey melbery could i be an author i would so love it You rock im litterly always on your site i told everybody at my school about your site i went to your ausome party You said no to being my freind but oh well I love your site So plz can i be a staff Plz

    All credit goes to you Bye Mel From 1212cody
    I know how to make headers i am the best with photobucket so can be the pic master

  15. 65mimi Says:

    hey its 65mimi
    nice page

  16. Misty220 Says:

    Hey It’s Cutie(pie)aka Misty220 from chat so ya

  17. firedude5 Says:

    Yo can you remember me?

  18. jjmoviesthewebsite Says:

    lol cool

  19. Blueshirt Says:

    Hey ppl lol uhhhhhhhhhhh

    lolz my name makes ppl think im a boy but its just random. idk

    i feel retarded so yep.

  20. littleg1000 Says:

    go mpd!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 🙂

  21. Colliegal22 Says:


  22. Jellodelemon Says:

    hey whatsup! id love to be on the list! this is the best cp site ever!

  23. Kylesodfresh12 Says:


  24. Kylesodfresh12 Says:


  25. cantdo Says:

    Lol this is a cool page Mel

  26. kathryn22134 Says:

    Put me up there! lol well u will now that ive posted! woot first time!

    ~Kathryn22134 🙂

  27. kathryn22134 Says:

    P.S Visit my new site at, Kathryn22134’s blog

  28. kathryn22134 Says:

    lol at wordpress

  29. kathryn22134 Says:

    My site is now The ROCKIN Club Penguin

  30. 12cody12 Says:

    Hi my name is 1212cody not 12cody12
    Melbery: Sorry your wordpress name is 12cody12

  31. Charmy 99 Says:

    Can I be added!! Charmy 99!

  32. Inubakakid Says:

    can i be added?

  33. Inubakakid Says:


  34. Inubakakid Says:

    i commented here alot

  35. Burrowdizzy Says:

    This is my first comment on the site lol


  36. Ryu10 Says:

    can i be up there?

  37. Jguy365 Says:

    im so excited! I’m getting a new laptop and Sims 3 is coming!

  38. Splasher99 Says:

    Visit ! You can read the posts and stories, laugh at jokes and join Splasher99’s Cp Club! In the club earn splashies and access exclusive stuff in the site! Go now!!!!!!!!

  39. Takeshidude Says:

    OH ME PICK ME! PLZ! Lol. Plz put me (Takeshidude) up there.

    The one and only guitar hero,


  40. garfield1801 Says:

    its garfield1801

    also, there is NO space between garfield and 1801


  41. sssgoawaycheats Says:

    cool site

  42. Viv Nat Says:

    yo i love your site melbery. Its really cool.

    p.s. ima girl

    p.p.s. i like applesauce

  43. Wii Man3 Says:


  44. Sonic8shadow Says:

    :D… XD… lol cool site

  45. Aan10 Says:

    You have a great site Mel

  46. cool site! Says:

    hi!i always come on this site! So my penguin name is 1hummer, so can i be on the peoples page!

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