This is where you can ask any of the authors questions! Im pretty sure tbone9090 will answer though! LOL  🙂 !!!!!! You can ask Melbery, Dgff101, Vrael89, Tbone9090, and Pat97pat anything just dont let it be stupid! And also here are the rules!

1. Dont ask stupid questions

2. Do not ask questions that are bad

3. Ask as many questions as you like

4. They will be moderated

When you ask a question put it in this form:


For: Melbery

From: Melbery2

How old are you on clubpenguin?

(If you ask this question or a question like this I want you to predict my age on clubpenguin)



79 Comments on “Questions”

  1. Nothinbut Says:

    Can Penguins fly?(I know it sounds stupid but i wana know)
    Melbery: No that doesnt sound stupid because ive wandered that too! Anyways penguins cannot fly thanks you are the first question to be asked!

  2. Nothinbut Says:

    hey mel its me again but i looked it up and penguins can fly!!! Its on this youtube video you type flying penguins and search it and its awesome

    Melbery: Actually thats not true just to tell you you cant belive youtube all the time you should watch animal planet and find out for yourself like I did!

  3. for:tbone9090
    What do you think the 10th anniversery hat will be like!

    Tbone9090- Ummm idk what the hat might look like. It should be special for a tenth anniversary, maybe rainbow colored, or they will brong back beta hats!

  4. Nothinbut Says:

    oh well its like a tv show so i think its true

  5. Cca☺ Says:

    For: anyone
    From: Cca
    When was this site made? and What would happen if you click on the dont click link?

    Melbery: This site was made July28 2008 and click the dont click button everyone askes me what it does it will not mess up your computer or anything just click it!!! It will not mess up your computer!

  6. For: Heatblast227
    from:Sss Go Away

    How old do you have to be to be a ninja
    because you can be one the 17 of this month?

  7. xcrazygirlxx Says:

    Dear Melberys
    is there a king or queen penguin?

    Melbery: No there is no king or queen penguin, but I guess you could have one in your imagination!

  8. XxcrazygrilxX Says:


    i asked to join i email but i havent got one back

  9. 1221jamw Says:

    dear melbery,
    how did you get you site so famouse and like how long did you have itt?

  10. Boomboombu Says:

    Do you ever get annoyed by the people asking you to add them?
    What is your favorite color?
    What is your favorite animal?
    Do you thkn im stubborn, pushy, or annoying?
    THANKS! lol

  11. iscool78 Says:

    To, Anyone
    The question is what is 4356743 divided by 7843 and what does it equal? Also what is 44 halfs and what number does it go into. From , NOT ME

  12. NICKNMINDY2 Says:

    to melbery
    from nicknmindy2

    can you please watch some of my youtube videos and maybe advertise them on ur site my youtube account is mcrfan5000

  13. Mvp ninja Says:

    Could you be a author on my site? I really need all the help i can get!

  14. Mvp ninja Says:

    Because my site is running behind…. and its like its not about club penguin anymore!

  15. breeanna16 Says:

    For: Melbery
    From: Breeanna16
    Question: How old is your penguin? Do you have the Beta Hat?

    Melbery: My penguin is 790 days old! And no I do not have a Beta Hat! I wish though!

  16. 1233a2 Says:

    For: My #1 fan melbery
    From 1233a2

    Will you ever forgive me for cussing? I wont do it again

    Melbery: Just keep under control

  17. 1233a2 Says:

    For: Number 1 fan melbery

  18. 1233a2 Says:


    Could you make me a member on pizzas chat cause i m banned and you made me a guest?
    I wont cuss again

  19. Zoe22315 Says:

    To: Melberry
    From: Zoe22315

    Is there such thin as rockhopper island? And can you go visit rockhopper island?

  20. Roucky3 Says:

    To: Melbery
    From: Roucky3
    Hello.. Can you tell me please how did you make your Banners? Thanks alot

    Melbery: My program is a secret but I also use paint!

  21. beakwakscpcheats Says:


    I have a website as well its!

    Its not as good as yours, but I am improving. I was wondering if you could give me any ideas on how to use wordpress. I know most of it but I don’t know how to make a Link???

    Could you tell me how???


    Melbery: Ok well I saw your website, you need more widgets and you need to post a lot more! Ok now to make a link, for example in a post say you want a link to my site so you make the post then say you come where you want to put the link so you type then go to the HTML part of the post, then highlight and click link and type in then click ok then go back to visual it should be purple or blue. Then publish the post or page and there you go you have a link!!!

  22. spotty8801 Says:

    i have a question
    dear melbery,
    is ur buddie list full? if its not can u add me?

    Melbery: Well it isnt full but the only way I am adding for awhile is for people winning contests because so many people want to add me sorry!

  23. jamw1221 Says:

    Q: Why did you take the name melbery?
    Melbery: Well to make the long story short I was eating strawberrys and I was on the computer and I saw something that started like mel So I put them together!

  24. Awsomee9 Says:

    Question:What’s your favourite anniversary party?
    Melbery: The second!

  25. Rod33107 Says:

    Question:How did penguins become famous(beside the points of betas and vids)?
    Melbery: Well many people loved Club Penguin so much, they wanted to make a website just like mine. When you are on Club Penguin you wander around and want to find new things, so they usually go on google or something and they come to a Club Penguin website! Then they start visiting and telling people then they find more and so on. Also many people made videos even though you said not to say that, but they had a series of videos on their site such as Heatblast227.

  26. divotoo Says:

    To: Melbery
    From: Divotoo

    Do you like waffles?
    Melbery: Sometimes but sometimes I am not in the mood for them. I dont like a lot of syrup. Strange question.

  27. Mebeyy Says:

    Dear melbery:

    Where is the under-grown in the party!
    Melbery: I dont think I understand your question.

  28. jjmoviesthewebsite Says:

    Will you tell me your email address plz so I can make you a arthour

  29. jjmoviesthewebsite Says:

    woops to melbery from JJMOVIES

  30. Annepma427 Says:

    hey um is this a question that i can ask
    how do u get the header u know the MPD thing at the top can u help me go to to tell me cuz idk how to

  31. Annepma427 Says:

    oh and this is to anyone that answers k

  32. Colliegal22 Says:

    OK Do you have a pet mdance? whats his/her name? what type?

  33. Colliegal22 Says:

    melbery whats ur favorite pie? i like blueberry and raspberry and coconut and apple and cherrie and carrot and blood and lamp and chocolate and cockroach
    and…. PENGUIN PIE!! (gets hit in the head with a stick) what? who? when? where? why? where am i? WHO ARE YOU PPL? WHAT AM I DOING HERE? (whack)
    Melbery: Uhhhhh I dont really like pie. Well I like apple and Cherry

  34. bluebirdboy1 Says:


    Mel, how do you make those cool widgets? Do you use a program or do you use a site? Please reply to this.
    Melbery: Well, I cant say but it is not a site!

  35. Ryu10 Says:


    Why did you start this site?
    Melbery: Club Penguin was getting really boring, so I searched ideas to do about Club Penguin, and Heatblast227’s site had come up so I started a site.

  36. jjmoviesthewebsite Says:

    To Melbery

    Have your freinds ever quit club penguin?
    Melbery: Yes. Many of my friends have.

  37. jjmoviesthewebsite Says:

    sorry to hear it 😦

  38. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Can i be an ahour of ur blog!!

    Melbery: I am sorry I am not adding authors right now but keep watching the site for contests to become an author!

  39. Ryu10 Says:

    To: Melbery
    From: Ryu10

    Do you play any other games instead of ClubPenguin like Roblox?
    Melbery: Not really, and I have always wanted to know what Roblox is what is that?

  40. NATHANCOOL1 Says:

    roblox has lotts of mini games were you are like lego not as good as club penguin though could me and u meet on cp plz

  41. Ryu10 Says:

    Roblox is like you play mini games and just like lego, but you have to download it 😦

  42. cpjaxdaxter Says:

    From:CpJaxdaxter (Penguin Named Jaxdaxter)

    Can we meet some time on club penguin.Can you tell heat?
    Melbery: Sure but I doubt he will get on to Club Penguin.

  43. rustam Says:

    for Melbery
    from mac1197
    do you think you will get this many
    visited by 2010?
    70,000 or 100,00
    Melbery: Yes we got 50,000 hits less than 7 months.

  44. cpjaxdaxter Says:

    Yeah.He may not because he wasn’t at data’s party or sg slider’s party either.Meet me on Saturday,April 11 4:00 PST, 7:00 EST.What server should we meat on?

  45. mac1197 Says:

    for silly8787
    frm mac1197

    when dd you come on this website
    not wen you joined for a week how did you find it

  46. cpjaxdaxter Says:


    What server are we meeting on?What day and NOT tomorrow.Time will be ur choice too
    Melbery: I do not know sorry.

  47. silly8787 Says:

    for silly8787
    frm mac1197

    when dd you come on this website
    not wen you joined for a week how did you find it
    Silly8787: I was just looking for famous penguins websites and thats how i found this one

  48. cpjaxdaxter Says:


    I decided the time.7:30 EST (4:30 PST).Server will be a low server.Meet me on Saturday April 18,2009.You choose the server.What will it be?
    Melbery: When people tell me to meet them I usually forget so please dont decide anything you need to find me on my chat sometime and Ill just go on there.

  49. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    can i please please please become an athour of ur blog please!!! ill do anything!!

  50. cpjaxdaxter Says:


    Hi it’s me again!Just so you know,your chat box is members only.Can I join it?That means can I be a member?
    Melbery: I know what it means lol. Yes but a moderator or Owner has to be on.

  51. For:Mel.From:Goo goo goo1 Dear Mel I was wondering how do you get the yellow hair for your penguin? Please tell me.
    Melbery: I dont have yellow hair but you can buy it at the gift shop or at least you used to have could.

  52. blackbeard76 Says:

    For Mel.
    From blackbeard76.
    Hey Mel how do you get so many people to your parties? I Never get anyone to go to my party.
    Melbery: CPTV

  53. cpjaxdaxter Says:

    Okay.Will you on your chat box?
    Melbery: What about my chat?

  54. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    For: Pat97Pat

    From: Egg6678

    How old are you on clubpenguin? Dunno

    How do you make self updating widgets?

  55. penguin794 Says:

    For: Melbery
    From: Penguin794 (Kylesodfresh)

    Where did you get the name melbery from.

    My Prediction: Umm, you just made it up?
    Melbery: I was eating strawberries and well I dont know where I got the Mel thing from but then I added it together and it became Melbery!

  56. penguin794 Says:


  57. sssgoawaycheats Says:

    from:Sss Go Away
    CaN I be in one of you videos?
    Melbery: Sure just find me on

  58. Brandon Vasquez Says:

    To:Melbery From:goo goo goo1 How can I get the staff during the medievil times party?
    Melbery: Do you mean my site staff? Well, find us on

  59. Skyman 22 Says:

    Hey melbery
    How did you get on heatblasts site and how can i go on heatblasts site
    Melbery: He asked me and go here

  60. Mellbey i have a question. Why did you close the header shop please open it i really need one for this summer i just got a new website plz reopen it
    Melbery: I think I am deleting the page because I never have time to make headers. I am sorry.

  61. blackbeard76 Says:

    Hey melbery I have a question. I have a rare member penguin if I give it to you can I be author for 3 weeks?
    Melbery: Sorry no thankyou.

  62. blackbeard76 Says:

    Hi melbery I have a question can you advertise my youtube on this site it would mean alot!!! My youtube is bobteam1 and can you ask heat if he needs an author because am a really good one!

  63. Aan10 Says:

    To: Anyone who can answer
    From: Aan10

    One of my jobs is to make headers and widgets for CP army sites. I know a lot of tricks with that kind of stuff. But I was wondering how you can get such a clean cut of a penguin picture (for the header shop and widgets). If I save the penguin pic on paint and then add it to an image on fotoflexer it has the white background. If I try to cut it out with the “Smart Cutout” I always end up with bits missing or extra white. How do you do it?
    Melbery: Most editors have a transparency tool. That is the only way I know how to do so.

  64. Aan10 Says:

    Can you tell me what editor you use. If you want to. I saw another question where you did not say. That’s ok if you do not want to spoil it.
    Melbery: Well, I can not tell. But I can tell I did pay for part of it. I use more than 4 editors on each thing I make.

  65. spellcard234 Says:

    to:MelBery from:spellcard234 can you advertise my party?? if so, its a pin party were everybody wheres there favorite pin. if you cannot advertise im sorry for asking. bye!!

  66. Splasher99 Says:

    To: Anyone who can answer (Heatblast227, Melbery, anyone!)

    How do we make snowing in the blog?

  67. Splasher99 Says:

    To Dgff101
    From Splasher99
    When we post our graphics why do they get smaller? Is there a way to make it any bigger?
    For example I want to post a graphic about my party and when I post it it shrinks to an unreadable size.

  68. blackbeard76 Says:

    To Dgff101
    Hi dj can I work on this site?

  69. blackbeard76 Says:

    To Dgff101
    Hi dj can I work on this site? with you

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