Talk to the authors!

Hey everyone this page is where you can talk to the authors! Me, Melbery will try to answer all of them when you are talking to me! Well if you are talking to heatblast227 or someone they might not answer but probably me Dgff101 and maybe Pat97pat and maybe Yert will answer! Chilly’s sure to ansewer to! Go ahead and talk to us!


442 Comments on “Talk to the authors!”

  1. thecpgang Says:


  2. cocoa0301 Says:

    When did you start this site?

  3. Dgff101 Says:

    hi everyone!

  4. kamppenguin Says:

    Mel whats ur email? So ican add you to either my site or Penguinsmashers!

    Go on and I will tell you but why was I deleted?

  5. Nothinbut Says:

    uh idk if hes gonna tell you but keep on trying

  6. Greeno Says:

    Hey if anytime your not busy do you think you could work on some of the graphics on my site?

    Melbery: I have my own designer so I cant help you there sorry!

  7. Dracoin Says:

    Hi mel

    Melbery: Ello!

  8. Caf1007 Says:

    ello im bored YAY me!

    Melbery: Thats cool…… I guess!

  9. Skittlepony1 Says:


    Melbery: You say that a lot!

  10. Hi Ojoc!!!
    I’ve always dreamed of having a famous person on my buddies list. If you see a guy named 16salt, will you add him???
    Your Friend,

    Melbery: ?????? Ojoc isnt an author

  11. 65mimi Says:

    hi melberry your site rocks! i was kinda wondering if you could visit our wordpress site, http://www.heatblast227rocks,
    sorry its not melberryrocks , but that was before you got famous!
    please visit it! comment please! thanks!

    Melbery: Thankyou for visiting my site and I am glad you like it and yes that is a cool website I have been there before! Well Thanks for visiting and keep visiting!

  12. heatblastr Says:

    melbery u rock! and the DO NOT CLICK THIS BUTTON is on another site too! why put neopets? why not puzzle pirates? …….. ‘o’ i can write! and i just won a web site! lol! bye melbery

    Melbery: Thankyou a lot! Also I dont even know Neopets is on there that is not my Dont Click this Button thing I found it on another site and you can get the code for it to put it on your site so that is why I did that!

  13. Thaper Says:

    ok hi Mel im here

    Melbery: I am sorry It took so long my internet xed out I can talk now!

  14. Thaper Says:

    Melbery if you not here now lets just contintue this chat tommorow at 12:00PM Penguin Standard time, Ill wait for 30 minutes, ok?

  15. Thaper Says:

    wait go to″>Go to chat with me ok?

  16. dylan422 Says:

    Come to my chat now if you can, it’s always open

    Melbery: I might come if I knew the chat!

  17. Thaper Says:

    Come to my chat now accually, cuz i always keep it open

  18. Lukasmb Says:

    What image editor do you use Please tell!

    Pat Said: I make the artwork for, I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1

  19. Lukasmb Says:

    and how did you get the little image in the address bar behind the URL? Plz reply!

  20. Little Lea10 Says:

    Hey Mel! I just wanted to say that those pics are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

    Melbery: Hey thanks you rock too!

  21. louiskeran123 Says:


    Melbery: Ello

  22. Thaper Says:

    Hey Melberry can you come to my chat now please (if you get this message a while after i posted it thats ok cuz I always have my chat open)?
    Here’s the link:“>Go

  23. Chase Says:

    Hey Melbery!
    Just wondering ,what program do you use to make your headers and other art?
    Please comment back on my site!


    Melbery: I didnt make my current header but they used Photoshop Cs4 and my program is a secret sorry!

  24. amigo1234 Says:

    Hi i am a leader of the Amigo Army we would like you to sponser us thanks bye! -_-

    Melbery: I would be happy to sponsor!

  25. Doodlecake6 Says:

    hiya pepps

    Melbery: Hello thanks for coming and visiting my site!

  26. Iceicle15115 Says:

    HEY MELBERY!! i just wanna know what’s ur fav room on cp??? 8)

    Melbery: I really dont have a favorite. I like the Dance Club

  27. louiskeran123 Says:

    Sooooo wats the big deal of this page? is it because u want penguins to have a convo with u aww how sweet

    Melbery: Uhhhhhh it is for people who just want to talk to the authors!

  28. louiskeran123 Says:

    This place is ruhhhly goood 8-Q


  29. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Can u go on and leave some tips and stuff on becoming famous? It would be great if you could!

    ~Waddle TV~

    Melbery: Sure sometime because I am very busy right now!

  30. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    do u no how much adobe photoshop costs?

    us: $699
    uk: £499

    (ur american right? lol)

    Melbery: Yes I am American but I do not know how much it costs but I can find out for you!

  31. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    by the way, what’s copyscape?

    Melbery: Copy Scape is well it says you cant copy the things I have said or done on this site without permission! You can copy stuff off my website but you have to give me credit for doing so!

  32. Waddle TV Says:

    Are there any requirements to become an author of this great site?

    Melbery: I am really glad you like this site, but you know there are many other people who want to become an author too. In order to become an author I usually have contests you can win!

  33. Zapper903 Says:

    Melbery whats the HTML code for your “click here to go to Melberys site” thing? i cant copy and paste it on my site =( what is it?

    Melbery: There is a post with the html code just look for it!

  34. cannonpaircp Says:


    Melbery: Awesome I am really glad that you like my site and thanks for saying I am cool!

  35. Says:

    Hi melbery I’m a huge fan ! Say hi to heat for me !

    Melbery: I am glad that you are a big fan and I will be sure to tell Heatblast227 hi for you!

  36. cannonpaircp Says:

    Your Welcome! Could Ya Come To A Fashion Show Wubzee3’s igloo on the map server matterhorn and bring data too!

    Melbery: I might if I know what time!

  37. fred3458 Says:

    Can u meet me on cp i loooooove ur site (PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ)
    Ps do u have an a.i.m if iu do PLZ PLZ PLZ tell me it

    Melbery: Sure we can meet on Club Penguin sometime and no I do not have an aim!

  38. lilishannon Says:

    okay when should we meet?
    Melbery: It doesnt matter give me the information and I will say if I can meet then or not!

  39. lilishannon Says:

    okay when should we meet?

  40. lilishannon Says:

    ps lilishannon is fred3458!


  41. Wubzee3 Says:

    Can We Meet On My Chat Before The Member Contest Tonight plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz go
    Melbery: When is the Member Contest?

  42. 12cody12 Says:

    Hey umm I love your blog
    and you on my blog roll : )
    can you help me get HITS Please
    Melbery: I will sometime!

  43. lilishannon Says:

    when:february 27 2009
    time: 4:00 (american time)
    sever:sub zero
    Melbery: Hmmmmm I dont know I will get back with you

  44. lilishannon Says:

    @ the town?

  45. Thaper Says:

    Hey Melbery, can you chat with me? I’ll be on all day! Here’s the link:“>Go

  46. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    What software do you use to get screenshots? I used to use Hypersnap but it went crazy so I removed it.

    ~Waddle TV
    Melbery: Dont buy or download anything! I just use the print screen button on the keyboard and paste it to paint!

  47. Thaper Says:

    Hey mel, can you meet me on your chat plz?

  48. wubzee3cp Says:

    Mel get on right now!

  49. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    I used to look up to Heatblast227, but Melbery is GREAT!!!! (Sorry Heatblast! lol)
    Melbery: Thankyou!

  50. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Thnx 4 the tips!
    Melbery: Sure!

  51. Thaper Says:

    Hey, Melbery! Love your site! Can you post a party I want to throw please?
    The party is going to be for no reason, but the theme is fancy.
    Here’s the info if you can make a post of it:

    Where: Thaper’s Igloo on map
    Why: No reason, but the theme is fancy!
    Server: Rainbow
    When: March 2, 6:30 pm (PST)

    And If you can, can you have a contest on who is the fanciest looking at the party? If you can, that would be cool, but if not that’s ok, too.



    Melbery: I would but the problem is I am not at my home so I can not do it sorry!

  52. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Everyone who wants to know, I use photoshop elements 5.0 to make image headers and stuff, so if you want one leave a comment on my site at

    ~Waddle TV 🙂

    Pat Said: Cool site Egg! I will have to visit sometime 😉

  53. Thaper Says:

    Maybe could another author post it? If not, it’s ok.

  54. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Do you want to become an author of my site. I really don’t mind what you say.
    As you said in your tips, the more authors the better! Anyone else who reads this comment can go to and click on become an author!
    ~Waddle TV

  55. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    by the way, can I order a new image header? If not, Okay, that’s cool, I’ll make one myself. If yes:

    Penguin Name:

    What I want my header to say:
    Waddle TV – The home of CP glitches, news, TV shows and much more!

    What background:
    Background #2

    Penguin Picture:


  56. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    sorry html:

  57. a25flipper Says:

    hey melbery remember me from the chat well hi lol
    Melbery: Hi!

  58. a25flipper Says:

    melbery so what up!
    Melbery: Nothing much you?

  59. a25flipper Says:

    hey melbery want to meet me on my chat its
    i would really like you to see it!

  60. crazy pig Says:

    can you add me to your blogroll and i will add you please thanx
    Melbery: Actually, I am not adding anyone to the blogroll sorry!

  61. 12cody12 Says:

    Hey mellbery how do you make those cool widgets plz tell or email me my email is on my site..
    (do you use widgetsbox?)
    Melbery: Actually I did not make those our Site Designer did!

    Pat Said: I made them, I use photoshop ;D

  62. Iceicle15115 Says:

    🙂 LoL i AM already taken in real life… but just wondering r u taken on cp… not that im interested… not that ur bad looking….nvm lol
    Melbery: No Comment!

  63. Iceicle15115 Says:

    Have you seen the “FRED” videos on youtube??? If you haven’t, they are sooo funny! 😀
    Melbery: I have!

  64. billythepet Says:

    can you make me author on your site plz

    Pat Said: Billy Mel does not make people authors from people who ask, Mel knows these people very well.

  65. lilishannon Says:

    when can you meet on cp because if i pick u probably wont be able 2 come so when you can reply 2 this comment when u can okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  66. oyosho Says:

    Pats DUMB! I dont like him
    Melbery: Please dont say that, he is our editor for our site and one of my best friends. He is the one who made the header!

  67. littleg1000 Says:

    r u gonna add any more authors or r u gonna keep it with only these authors? not that i wanna be one, ok i REALLY wanna be one!! but u dont have to add me, just wonderin if u were adding any ore authors.
    Melbery: Im not sure!

  68. sunammie5 Says:

    Hey Littleg melbery has alot of contest so if its an authors contest be sure to do exzactly what it says to do!


  69. slade77712 Says:

    hey i have a chat called and its kinda boring right now but it will get better!do you want to be an author on my site melbery or pat?

  70. Iceicle15115 Says:

    Are you having another party?? If you are when is it??

  71. Nothinbut not logged in Says:

    I wonder why there arent any comments for me
    Melbery: I have no idea!

  72. Dluxs Says:

    Hi Melbery. I just wanted 2 say you are really cool! I love your website. It’s soo awesome!
    Melbery: Thanks a lot!

  73. Rod33107 Says:

    You guys rock!
    Melbery: Thankyou!

  74. Aan10 Says:

    what would you suggest is the best header maker to use? I have a photobucket account but I can’t figure out how to paste pictures onto one. Do i need a pro account ( 😦 )or is there somewhere else i can go to make an awesome header like the ones you make?
    Melbery: Well I dont use a ”header maker” I start from scratch a lot of people just use paint.

  75. Aan10 Says:

    I have asked you to make one before but you never did and the comments are closed on the header shop too. 😦
    Melbery: I am very sorry.

  76. martha368 Says:

    HIYA!!! martha368 heer, ur videos ROCK, and i love cptv episode 21!!! you… are… the… BEST!!!!!!!!!!!


  77. Dopefacedbro Says:

    hey can we open up the comment for the header shop cuz i need one
    Melbery: If you read at the top it said that my editor is currently broken.

  78. hi melbery! i love your website
    can you please help me run my website? I will make you a admin and you can advertise your website on it
    please? we could really use your help 🙂 thanks
    the website is
    Melbery: I really dont like to be authors on other peoples sites. Sorry but I wish you great luck on your website. And thankyou for liking my site!

  79. slade77712onclubpenguin Says:

    hey melbery!i like nachos!do u?

  80. snowbobble Says:

    Melbery, first of all u cant email me because i dont hav a email. Second of all, i know 1221jamw in person! I recently hurt his felligs and i feel sorry and i didnt mean to, anyway, i was trying to meet u. Meet me at the dock on march 15, server fjord, 12:00 pst, at the beacon
    Melbery: I dont know if I can and you gave me two locations.

  81. fred3458 Says:

    melbery do u know any cptv authors in real life???
    Melbery: No I do not, the people I know who play Club Penguin in real life are. Dgff101 which is my cousin. Patfat4 which is my neighbor. Animaluver24 which is also my neighbor. Haleysheart long time friend. And clueless1248 which is my cousin.

  82. jjmoviesthewebsite Says:

    will you be a author on my site? ill need your email
    Melbery: Im sorry I am not becoming authors on peoples sites right now.

  83. jjmoviesthewebsite Says:

    lol its ok

  84. jjmoviesthewebsite Says:

    well maybe in a couple of weeks you could check my web out?
    sorry to keep naging lol 🙂

  85. thaperoncp Says:

    Melbery, or any author on this site can you come to
    please? I only want to hang out and talk, plz come!


    P.S. I’ll be on the chat all day today and at 6:00pm CP time tommorrow!

  86. ttpeep Says:

    hi melbery if you ever see ttpeep on club penguin can you add her or is your list full i think its full is it?

  87. pengyjang Says:

    I have a question for Mel. How did you get to be a CPTV author? Do you know what Heat’s secret video project is?
    Melbery: Good question. I get this question a lot. I dont really know I have been Heatblast227’s friend for a while now. Also I do not know his secret video project.

  88. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Would you like to be an author? Just add one post and leave it. That’s it. Please…..

    Waddle TV

  89. Blueshirt Says:

    hi um author people!!! authors are so authory…

  90. Sponge334 Says:

    Hi Melbery,
    I am looking for new authors for my website (that i just remodeled) would you like to be one?
    You can email me or post on my comment

  91. slade77712onclubpenguin Says:

    hello!can u go to my site????well…uve been there before but ya wateva!it is called

  92. heatblastr Says:

    hey mberry! can i call you mberry? well anyway i saw that header u made for heat dude you got style! your friend heatblast r

  93. Iceicle15115 Says:

    Melbery, can i go on xat w/ you sometime? Everytime i go on, ur not on 😦
    Melbery: Lol. Sure, I am usually on my chat.

  94. thaperoncp Says:

    Can you meet me on my chat: ?
    I’ll be on all day!

    Melbery: Maybe

  95. chitchat102 Says:

    Plez visit my website!

    I just started the website 🙂 PLEZ COMMET!!

  96. Splasher99 Says:

    Hey Mel visit I would like your advice
    Melbery: What kind of advice do you want? Also, thats a cool site!

  97. 2cool4thgame Says:

    Hi Every Author!!
    Melbery: Hi!

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  102. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

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  103. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Melbery: Hi

  104. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Can u be an athour of my blog

  105. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Melbery can u be an athour of my blog
    Melbery: I am sorry, I am not becoming authors on other peoples blogs for awhile.

  106. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    clubpenguinsaenz shouldn’t give his username and password away, ppl can ruin his web-site

  107. saenz98 Says:


    Melbery: I am sorry.

  108. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Can u let me be an athour of cptv and send me an email with the pass?? my email is

    Melbery: First of all Heatblast227 isnt adding authors. Also, I am not aloud to add authors, and also one more thing, what are you talking about a pass?

  109. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    for ur website the passowrd
    Melbery: There is no such thing as a website password.

  110. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    can u atleast email me ur password for ur website??

  111. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Because i want to become famous and can u give me advice!! plz

  112. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    my penguin is saenz98 and for one of ur parties on cptv can u make a pre party at saenz98 igloo

  113. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    also here is my website!!

  114. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Heatblast can u be an athour of my blog??

    Melbery: Heatblast usually doesnt answer on this website sorry!

  115. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Can u email me melbery my email is

    Ps plz send me the password for this website ok!!

  116. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Can u hive me advice of how to become famous?
    and can i become an athour of ur blog?

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  291. Inubakakid Says:

    i like stuff

  292. Inubakakid Says:

    i like pie

  293. Inubakakid Says:

    i want a dog

  294. Inubakakid Says:

    i have hair

  295. Inubakakid Says:

    i have books

  296. Inubakakid Says:

    i am inubakakid

  297. Inubakakid Says:

    i am cool

  298. Inubakakid Says:

    i am powerful

  299. Inubakakid Says:

    i am the mighty powerful and cool inubakakid

  300. Inubakakid Says:


  301. silly8787 Says:


  302. Inubakakid Says:

    i want to swim

  303. silly8787 Says:


  304. Inubakakid Says:


  305. silly8787 Says:


  306. silly8787 Says:


  307. silly8787 Says:


  308. Inubakakid Says:


  309. silly8787 Says:


  310. silly8787 Says:


  311. silly8787 Says:


  312. silly8787 Says:


  313. Inubakakid Says:


  314. silly8787 Says:


  315. Inubakakid Says:

    penut butter jelly time

  316. silly8787 Says:


  317. Inubakakid Says:

    😀 im happy

  318. silly8787 Says:


  319. silly8787 Says:

    fghjkl;poiuuuuiop[;l,l;;., ‘;ml; lol

  320. Inubakakid Says:

    i must win!!

  321. Inubakakid Says:

    i will win

  322. Inubakakid Says:

    i must do me best

  323. Inubakakid Says:

    im very bored

  324. Inubakakid Says:

    give meh the prize

  325. Inubakakid Says:

    i really hope i will win

  326. silly8787 Says:


  327. silly8787 Says:


  328. chitchat102 Says:

    How do you make a header???
    Melbery: I am sorry I do not know how to explain it!

  329. Ryu10 Says:


    Do you have yahoo?
    Melbery: Yes I do.

  330. Ryu10 Says:

    From: Ryu10

    what is it?
    Melbery: I cant say my yahoo sorry!

  331. rustam Says:


    FROM MAC1197

    Melbery: I have advertised a lot, and why are you talking in caps?

  332. rustam Says:

    oh srry lol i was on

    Club Penguinc Cheetz Chat room

    this gril was making fun of me so i put caps on to tell her to shut UP and i got bannded forever stupid mobs

  333. rustam Says:


    FROM MAC1197


  334. rustam Says:

    wait wait wait dont reply tto the coment above me ok

  335. chitchat102 Says:

    What kind of websites do you advertise?
    Melbery: What do you mean?

  336. windowface Says:

    Can you come to my igloo on april 10th 5:00 cp time town im windowface i want to be your friend and i want to meet u! go to the sever wool socks. hope you can come!

  337. Ryu10 Says:

    Well ok than

    i added kooki on yahoo

    we talked once

  338. ps2dude87 Says:

    how did you learn about clubpenguin?
    Melbery: Friends at school.

  339. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Melbery: I am not going to say sorry.

  340. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    can u make me a member of u chat box

  341. Diegosbavi Says:

    what is the website for.
    Melbery: Club Penguin.

  342. Diegosbavi Says:

    What is this website about.

  343. rustam Says:

    what is your favroit sports team
    Melbery: I dont know!

  344. heatblastr Says:

    melbery how do you make those headers of yours so big! im trying to make a sonic one but its always making me do soooooooooo small! plz respond ~blast r
    Melbery: You have to get the right size of pixels, then I go in on paint and make it that size and then from there on make the header that size.

  345. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    can i become a member of ur chat group?
    Melbery: Yes.

  346. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    ok thnx i saw ur new site!
    Melbery: What new site?

  347. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Can u give me advice to be famous on cp?
    Melbery: Ok, lets see. Dont ask a lot of questions to people and be very friendly. Thats really all I know.

  348. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Can u meet me on cp

    when easter day
    place night club

    ok im rangerboy678

  349. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    can u make a new wordpress so i can be an athour!
    Melbery: I dont feel like making a new one plus I dont need one.

  350. bac 1109 dog xd Says:

    hey mel can i become a mod on your chat
    Melbery: I usually just make authors of my website moderators.

  351. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    What is ur favorite place on cp!
    Melbery: Either the dock or the dance club.

  352. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    Can i please be an athour of this site plz plz!!!

  353. clubpenguinsaenz98news Says:

    hey can i please please please please become an athour of ur site or u can be an athour of mine plz!!

  354. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    can i plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz become an athour of ur blog!!!!!!! ill do anything!!!!

  355. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    plz plz plz can i become an athour of ur blog ill do anything u want!!

  356. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:


  357. Ryu10 Says:

    To: Melbery
    From: Ryu10
    whats the time zone on where you live
    Melbery: I am in Central Time zone so when it is 2:00 PST it is 4:00 my time.

  358. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    mel can i please please plz plz plz become an athour of ur blog plz!!

  359. Ryu10 Says:

    wait a minute, how did you know im on pst
    Melbery: I said PST as in Penguin Standard time

  360. Splasher99 Says:

    Melbery I have a problem at my site. Suddenly I find my site with almost all the words STRIKED! I do not know why 😦
    Do you know? If yes please tell me!
    Melbery: I am not sure what you mean.

  361. Splasher99 Says:

    CLUB PENGUIN FUN STUFF (my site) is back to normal already! 🙂
    I love this site!
    Melbery: Ok that is good.

  362. Ryu10 Says:

    oh, *talks in head* why did i say that… *talks in head*

  363. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    can i plz plz become an athour of ur blog!!

  364. lukasmb Says:

    What does it take to be an author? Im a great author!

  365. Ryu10 Says:

    can you guys please stop asking
    Melbery: Lol.

  366. Ryu10 Says:

    what, that annoys me too

  367. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    What’s state testing? In Britain we have idiotic SATs and I’ve got to go to the British government with some teachers (Including my dad) to tell them why we don’t want them.

    We don’t get candy for SATs (I wish we did though :))


    P.S. How boring is it logging on to WordPress and it says: “You have 100000000000000000 comments to moderate”?
    Melbery: State testing is like each state has tests required for that state.

  368. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    What do you think of Barack Obama?

    I know this has nothing to do with CP

  369. Iceicle15115 Says:

    Hey melbery, this is Cutie pie from xat. I probably annoyed you w/ previous comments and all the questions I asked you on xat (sorry aboiut that) but anyway here’s the link to my website:
    sorry if u can’t click on it, something is wrong with my computer right now, but hope u like my website.
    ~Iceicle15115 (A.K.A on xAt, CUTIE PIE)

  370. Ryu10 Says:


    sorry for what i told you on xat
    Melbery: I dont remember lol.

  371. mac1197 Says:

    what do you think the 8th aniverser hat will look like
    Melbery: I dont know but I am hoping they will have a red and yellow hat soon.

  372. Ryu10 Says:

    you dont remember, …….

    i told you that i wanted to be an author

  373. Ryu10 Says:


    stop please

  374. chitchat102 Says:

    Hey Melbery, I had fun at the party, did you? I bet you did with playing all those games hehe.
    Melbery: I did have really fun.

  375. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    On the header shop page, could you put a link to my site’s version? Your one is closed so please help everybody by inserting a link to my site!


  376. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Mel, can you ask any authors (Including Yourself) if they/you would like to be an administrator on my site?


  377. Ryu10 Says:

    T0: Melbery

    just to let you know i was thecpgang then i changed to Ryu10 and i was the 1st to comment here on this page
    Melbery: Awesome!

  378. breeanna16 Says:

    Hi. Your really nice, and I just wanted to say hi, so hi! What are the authors, boys or girls? ((Do you even know, lolz

    Melbery: They are all guys.

  379. jtangel27 Says:

    Uhhh, yeah I would like to inform melbery something. This mesege is for melbery.

    Mel, do you remember me wanting you to be in a movie? Well, I finished the movie. I have a link to it right here:

    You’re scene in the movie is at 3:35

    Tell me what you think.


  380. penguin794 Says:

    LOL! Look at all the comments!

    Anyways, how did you getso good at making widgets and editing?

    Melbery: Lol. I have my own site designer but my pictures look very similar.

  381. Ryu10 Says:

    nice movie jtangel

  382. mac1197 Says:

    do you think heatblast227 is geting prety old for cp.. when he turns 14 will he retired????
    Melbery: Yes.

  383. eggfamily cp2 Says:

    hey that reminds me what if he dosnt retired
    Melbery: He told me he will be quitting after his 8th grade year which is another year from now.

  384. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    melbery can u visit this blog?

  385. Ryu10 Says:

    heatblast is gonna quit, well sometimes you have to quit like waddlguin and fever did

  386. mac1197 Says:

    why dosnt heat make member of his chat

  387. tc666 Says:

    what happpened with the tornado on may 8 was it a tornado did any one get hurt

  388. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Mel, how did you think up the name ‘Melbery’? Don’t mean to be rude but where did that come from? 😉
    Melbery: I am not sure about the Mel Part but the bery part I got that I was eating strawberrys when I was making the Penguin.

  389. Skyman 22 Says:

    melbery can you add me
    Melbery: Im full.

  390. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    melbery im srry on xat can u forgive me?

  391. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Mel can you add this to your sidebar under ‘Club Penguin Armies’? If you do, thanx.

  392. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    mel can you add this to your sidebar under club penguin armies?


  393. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Can you pass this on to Dgff101?
    I keep seing cars that have DG on it. I saw DG02 something something something. Today I saw DG09 FFA
    Also, Mel, there’s a block of flats at the end of my street called MELlington Court.


  394. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Mel don’t get angry but please take off the MPD tracker. It’s a fixed .GIF file that always says “Offline”. Please delete it. I deleted mine.


  395. Ryu10 Says:


    know any good site where they will let me work in?
    Melbery: No, I do not. I am sorry.

  396. oxgen1 Says:

    melbery can i work at this site and i will let you work at my site and this is the link
    Melbery: No thankyou.

  397. oxgen1 Says:

    can i work at heatblast227’s site

  398. oxgen1 Says:

    how many blogs do you work at

  399. oxgen1 Says:

    how many blogs do you work at
    Melbery: 13.

  400. oxgen1 Says:

    Melbery can i work at this site

  401. oxgen1 Says:

    melbery can you look at my site and you tube channel and there links are

  402. oxgen1 Says:

    Melbery can i wor k at this site

  403. Sk8trdude67 Says:

    Melbery I want to become an author on heat’s site how do I do that? please respond

  404. Brownie605 Says:

    How do you start a site?I really need one but im not famous.And plus I want to be an author too.

  405. oxgen1 Says:

    melbery can i be an author of heat’s site and can i be an author of your site
    Melbery: No please stop asking.

  406. Ryu10 Says:


    can u guys please stop asking. hey Mel are you the only one leaving the site?
    Melbery: This is to me?

  407. Ryu10 Says:

    the first is to people whos asking to join this site, the second part is for u

  408. oxgen1 Says:

    can i please work at this site
    Melbery: Please please please please Im begging you please stop asking.

  409. oxgen1 Says:

    why can’t i work here

  410. Ok mel, i know you quit today, so this is for any author. I have been tring to make my website popular, since yours is, can mine be on yout blogroll? I will put yours on my website tomarrow. Please? Id be REALLY happy. P.S. Mine os . You dont have to, it would make me VERY happy though.

  411. oxgen1 Says:

    can i please pleasework here

  412. oxgen1 Says:

    can i please please work here

  413. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    im sorry from before from bugging you in sorry

  414. Sarah Says:

    hey when is the header shop going to be opened? I need a header for my website! But it’s not a club penguin website. I just need words!
    Please email me!
    Thank you!

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