Penguin Name: Vrael89

When I started: Unknown

Penguins I know In Real Life: Nothinbut, Red Mac89, Unclejim13, Guitarist45/Bacon223

Hobbies: Club Penguin, Guitar Hero, and PARTIES!!!

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Season: Fall (Autumn)

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Sport to play: Baseball

Best Friend- Chilly 1248

Maybe More to come!!!


8 Comments on “Vrael89”

  1. Vrael89 Says:

    You can ask me questions here, too! :mrgreen:

  2. Fergie18047 Says:

    when were you born vrael

  3. Deman92 Says:

    Hey Vrael! Its Deman92 from CP! Anyway, I was wondering if your going to open a new awesome site. Please reply!

  4. Stimpy1236 Says:

    I do Guitar Hero Too! (lol)

  5. jellodelemon Says:

    hey my dad loves GH,but anyways im kind of a gamer too.:)

  6. Thaper Says:

    Hey dude I have everything in common with you exept my favorite animal is a cheetah, I dont know those penguins in real life (lol) and I like basketball, but I have tons of baseball trophies.

  7. Thaper Says:

    And my favorite seaon is Winter(but Summer is very close).

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