hey guys dg here the reason im not ussauly on saturday is because im ussauly at my grandparents and also today we were coming home and i thought i was going too explode i had too go pee SO BAD so we had too stop at a mcdonalds too make a pit stop and i was ok lol also im out for memorial day tommorow hooray two more weeks left we had alot of snow days


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6 Comments on “Back”

  1. terraintwist Says:

    Hello Melbery, You are awesome lol.


  2. kvlfdsa Says:

    ROFL!!!!lol thats pretty funny.

  3. silly8787 Says:

    Just wait your done school in 2weeks?
    Melbery: I think Dgff101 gets out June 3rd. I am already out of school!!!

  4. Jellodelemon Says:

    UR lucky dude! I have 3 weeks left of school. I get out on June 12th 😦

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