Fan Mail

Welcome to fan mail! Tell me about your self and just talk and have fun! You can leave messages, pictures, and everything! Go ahead!


14 Comments on “Fan Mail”

  1. Melbery Says:

    Talk about yourself. Tell me stuff on the site I need to approve! Anything!

  2. withyoually Says:

    hey Melbery awesome site you have here!!! Oh and don’t forget to visit my friend Rocker site its

    ~Withyoually (I am a boy)

  3. penguin794 Says:

    I have a dog. My favorite color is blue. My favorite animal is a dog. I go on club penguin almost everyday. I have my own Club Penguin Site. I am in the ACP army. I think Melbery’s Site is the best CP ite out there. I am horrible at making videos. I love to eat pasta. My favorite channels are nickolodeon and disney. My favorite youtube series is Club Penguin Tv. I am very bored right now. I have a laptop. I have the wii and playstation 2(also a DS). I am watchin Disney Channel right now. I am really bored. Hmm, I think I’ll go on Club Penguin. Nah, maybe I’ll Sleep. I like to sleep! I have a test on Tuesday! Ughh!!! But it is easy. Its on commas. YAY,School is almost over. Hmm…………….? I dont know what to say. Wow this is long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I A
    I AM
    I AM S
    I AM SO
    I AM SO B
    I AM SO BO
    I AM SO BO
    I AM SO B
    I AM SO
    I AM S
    I AM
    I A

    Your site rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ill sing you a song
    “Bannanas of the World, UNITE”
    Peel bannana, Peel bannana peel peel bannana peel bannana peel peel bannana

    Hmmm. I guess Ill end this comment

    CLUB PENGUIN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And so does Melbery and Heatblast227 AND ALL THOSE OTHER AWSOME PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!(And my friends)

  4. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    Yay first comment! Anyway what you can improve on….The theme: Sapphire is a bit boring. I suggest a move back to freshy. Also, your not kidding anyone with the mpd tracker. IT’s a fixed gif that always says offline.

    Also, I’m just inquisitive, but why are you using
    TinyPic? Why don’t you use wordpress. Upload you r pics into a post, click the HTML tab and voila. Your HTML!

    But I do like the twitter idea. I really do.

    ~Egg6678 🙂

    P.S. Can you ask Pat97pat how to make widgets that can be updated e.g. the free items widget.
    Melbery: Ok. I have an answer for all of these. I had freshy for a long long long time. That got really old. This one is more exciting cause we can make widgets to match it. The MPD tracker yes it is a GIF but we never use it and we are thinking about taking it off. We always forget about it. Neither Dgff101 or I can change it only pat can. I use tiny pic because I like to keep all my pictures all in one place incase I have to delete some. Nothing is bad about using Tinypic it has great quality pictures.

  5. Splasher99 Says:

    Hello everyone! My name is Splasher99. I have a website called I like this site very much. I like making videos and using Club Penguin is one of the best games, in my opinion :D.

  6. spykid12 Says:

    Oh ok. I have a website that is call and i make videos with Camstudio and Sony Vegas Pro 8 so that i can be famous like Melbery, Heatblast, etc. I kinda need help on how to have more views and hits on my site. So plz help me!

  7. flibo44 Says:

    ALOT OF CONTESTS! lol. I think you also need a little more video’s not to be rude but you dont put a lot of videos one here. I am making a few videos right now and i think there good because its a comedy! and every one loves a good laugh
    Melbery: I just started Mel Studios last week. I wont be making one every day.

  8. beardedcrest Says:

    Hey melbery, I love your site! Can I be in an episode of Mel Studios, I love it! You rock and please comment on my site:

  9. Ryu10 Says:

    well i play roblox (Xtianryu10)
    I play Clubpenguin (Ryu10)

    My cousins in Roblox are Pennv22 and Beary526
    My Cousins in Clubpenguin are Pennv22, Kylelayson52 (Beary526) Caseygirl5 BritnyBrit friends i know: Msipod

    I like Meh lucky colors Green Yellow Black Brown
    Im an Fire ox and born in 1997 on dec 10

    i think you should get like 2 or 1 more authors just incase you and dg are gone… i think you should cut down a few pages cause some are not active really
    im in japan ( i think you know that )
    My real name is C*******
    well thats me

  10. Monsterfully Says:

    Melbery, Heatblast227, and Wweadam are my favorite penguins. I look up to them. That’s why I made a cp website like you and wweadam. I started clubpenguin in the spring of 2007, and I became a member in september, 2008. I am now an ACP Major and I’m proud. My website is

  11. Brownie605 Says:

    Mel plz dont quit! you are my HERO!!!! DONT STRAND US ON THE ISLAND OF CLUB PENGIIN!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  12. Brownie605 Says:

    I forgot one thing.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  13. dkdfkg Says:

    guys i like the things u did

  14. dkdfkg Says:

    who could make me a member on club penguin some body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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